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Born in Bangladesh and a Masters in Biochemistry, Hasan Mahmud moved to Abu Dhabi in 1975 and worked as lab technologist chief technologist in a hospital.

A born bookworm, he started extensive research on Sharia law and Human Rights in Islam after migrating to Canada in 1990. He joined Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) in 2003 as the Director of Sharia Law and took a front line role in MCC’s successful movement against the Canadian Sharia Court. It was the very first Sharia court in Western world functioning since 1991 with the blessing of Ontario law. Due to explosive movement of MCC and two other organizations the Ontario Government enacted a new law banning all faith-courts.

Hasan is a lifelong leader in the fields of cultural events, recitals, music, host of TV shows, actor in dramas and movies etc. He authored many songs, poems, dramas, short stories; book on history of Bengal and is an expert performer in Indian classical music concerts. He an invited speaker on Sharia law and Human Rights in Islam in dozens of conferences and media in Asia, Europe, America and Canada. He is currently serving for multiple organizations in different capacies. Some of them include the following:

1. Member, Advisory Board, World Muslim Congress

2. General Secretary, Muslims Facing Tomorrow, Canada,

3. Canada-representative, Free Muslims Coalition

4. Researcher, Deen Research Institute, the Netherlands, and

5. Canada-representative, Free Muslims Coalition.

6. Hasan was involved with AILC (American Islamic Leadership Coalition) as one of its founding members and with Muslim Canadian Congress as its president and director of Sharia Law.

Hasan authored book and docu-movies on Sharia law to create awareness in Muslim societies about the deadly impact of political interpretation of Islam. His movies and book “What Sharia Says and What We Do” in his native language (Bangla) strongly empowered the civil society against radical Islamists. Those are the tools of the successful movement of creating about 25 villages free of radical Islam in Bangladesh. It is amazing that one book and two movies emerged as powerful tools of positive social evolution in a Muslim society. The book is translated in English with the name “How Sharia Hijacked Islam”.

In Hasan’s movies lots of Sharia law are quoted so that common Muslims, while they enjoy the romantic story, get educated about how Sharia law violates Human and Women Rights, the Quran and Prophet. Some of the movies, subtitled in Arabic, Turkish and Malay, are shown in Islamic conferences in Mumbai in India, Dallas in US, Oxford campus in London and in Int’l film festival in California.

Watch Bangla TV Canada's documentary (original WMV file) on Hasan Mahmud to get to know him better.