“Sky-Courts” of the Invisible Islamic Superstate

The hot violence of wars, beheadings, slaughtering and suicide bombings etc. fully captured our mind. In oblivion a much greater number of lives are constantly destroyed by not bleeding but tears by the cold violence of some faith laws. The world completely missed its sky-organ, the “Sky-Courts”, in the name of Allah and our Prophet (S).

Kamal Ata Turk eliminated Islamic State in 1924. From the coffin of history it explosively resurrected in Iraq/Syria. This will probably die out soon but the invisible and indestructible decades-old global Islamic Superstate is perfectly safe and well. Its tool is dozens of Internet Sharia Courts – we can call them Sky-Courts which function from different countries but impact Muslims globally.

Hundreds of their “Judges” receive thousands of questions through Internet from anxious Muslims for Islamic solutions of their problems. The “judges” hardly find the solution from Quran and Prophet on present context. They are quick to open thousands of pages of hundreds of books written by hundreds of past “scholars” who “explained” Islam mostly in terms of politics, war and patriarchy. They had no idea of our challenges. Many of the Sharia laws violate women, the Quran and Prophet such as the divorce law. Almost always the decrees of the Sky-Courts go against women. Proof is in thousands of decrees in their archives. Muslims around the world apply or force the verdicts on their lives and women. Often their verdicts violate local law (such as conducting polygamous marriages). Nothing a state can do if its citizens are destroyed this way. There is no study of their number and impact on their victims.

They are very generous, their service is totally free. But there is wisdom in the saying- “Nothing Is Free”. In this case a huge hidden cost is involved. Its goal is not to share our planet with others but to control women and everybody else in the name of Islam. No wonder the Sky-Courts are “Men’s Favorite”.

The most efficient way to prevent it is to educate common Muslims about how some Sharia laws violate women, the Quran and Prophet. Once Muslims are aware, they will reject and stand strong against Sharia law. It is not a dream anymore; this is exactly how in several villages the “Radical Free Village Project in Bangladesh” of MFT (Muslims Facing Tomorrow, Canada) became successful.

It happened there, it can happen anywhere. It is high time Muslim and world-leaders take every measure to achieve this.

22 August 2014