Sharia Law in UK

World media exploded on 14 Sept 2008with the news of “UK’s first official sharia courts”. It revealed that UK-government “quietly sanctioned” rulings of sharia courts binding on clients with no right of appeal in UK-courts. Later the government announced that it was a law of 1850 – (kind of) amended in 1996. The UK is not alone; “Islamization” of the West is one of the most important socio-political dynamics of present world. The issue is complicated, deep and multi-dimensional.

These Sharia-Gurusare self-appointed brokers of God who have no place in Islam. They legitimize violence by divinity and mortgage world-Muslims to psychological imperialism of oil-Sheikhs. They destroy human lives through on-line Sharia-courts, they sit in West’s state-machines and they are not idle. They control thousands of Islamic organizations and mosques; they breed home-grown piranhas out of innocent youths. Then there are non-Muslims Sharia-Gurus such as John Esposito, Dalia Mogahed and Noah Feldman. Their flawed and misleading products on Sharia Law are highly frustrating. State-Gurus such as OIC including KSA, Pakistan and Egypt are champions of violators of human rights but sit in the HR Commission of the UN.

Establishing Sharia-based global Islamic State is their God’s command. For early Muslims, Plan A was military victory that ended with their defeat in France in 732 AD. Plan A failed permanently and now that conquering Muslim majority countries is almost complete, Plan B emerged to incorporate Sharia law in Western countries to turn those into Islamic states, at least partially. It worked well.

But the West has not lost; it is only passing through a phase. True that it is experiencing a deadly Trojan horse, but the West is more than laws. Given that nothing is perfect, the West has tremendous strength in terms of science, technology, knowledge, morality and human rights, all protected by the enormous umbrella of freedom – freedom of thought and expression, freedom to research everything including divinity, freedom to disagree and dispute, freedom to change or leave religion and freedom to offend. This is diametrically opposite to the spirit offshore Law.  

Conspiracy and violence are its driving forces. The Sharia-Gurus acquired stunning expertise of taking advantage of the Western system to destroy the Western system. Their expertise of using the Western system to silence their opponents including Human Right activists and non-Sharia Muslims like us, is telling. They succeeded in obtaining support of some religious, political and social organizations and leaders who trust the word “God’s Law” -- but have no clue of its content, spirit and devastating impact. They created a massive network of “Islamic” organizations, pressure-groups, lobby-groups, charity, civil-rights, human-rights, women-rights, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV-shows, conferences, seminars, gatherings, sermons and partial social culture of observing Sharia law. The West is yet to match this Tsunami. It needs to find a legal way to stop this invasion. Their support of Petro-Dollars cannot be stopped by enacting laws. They avoid discussion anddebate with progressive Muslims who can expose their conspiracy. On the otherhand, “Dialogue with Jews-Christians” is their successful tactic to buy time. They succeeded in exploiting the West’s Multiculturalism as protection. Their birth rate is higher than Westerners and may have some potential impact. West is yet to develop a system to control local Sharia-supporting Muslims and their immigration. Most importantly, they succeeded in terrorizing their opponents. People, media, organizations -- even governments -- were either punished or had to back off because of Islamists' pressure. A Google-search of “Sharia in West” gives 1.8 million items of their story.

It can be stopped.Scholars have already identified its strengths and weakness and socio-political forces are working on it. But Political Islam has an unprecedented expertise of metamorphosis and patience. Someone correctly termed it as Dracula. Wherever it went it not only swallowed the nations but also engaged the nation’s resources to multiply itself. European secular force recently began to strike back – the result is still uncertain. It all will depend on

(1) politicians who run the State-machine and organizations and are historically known to be corrupt. UK Tory party already declared that they will abolish Sharia courts if they are elected – it must be supported with full force.

(2) Organizations such as the UN wherehate-preachers and violators of Human Rights (Egypt, Pakistan et el) got a stronghold.

(3) Strategy of secular forces.

(4) Strategy of non-Political Muslims and

(5)resources of the forces against sharia law. The Muslim Democrats seem not to have the vision of the struggle – they already invited Salman Rushdi in their upcoming conference. They must realize that support of common Muslims is the key of defeating Sharia law. Their good effort must not be diluted by addition of Salman Rushdi or IHEU.

Let other forces exert pressure from their respective platform separately and collectively, leaving secular Muslim aside. A secular Muslim does not believe that Sharia Law is divine.    

The most crucial element of this war is exposing the fraud of the institution of Sharia Law to Islam. We need to detach the common good Muslim-mass from Sharia Law. We have enormous resource to do this. This is what Islamists are afraid of and cannot survive. Europe must keep the movement of non-political Muslims separate from other parallel movements; otherwise they will mark the water by screaming that it is a conspiracy of non-Muslims against Islam and the gullible Muslim mass will swallow it. Europe must show the world that a peaceful interpretation of Islam always existed and that majority Muslims still follow it. There is no eternal state-law, no women-oppression, no Islamic State, no intimidation, no hate-preaching and no conspiracy in it. Best of all, it is much more compliant to Islam.

We need to put it to work. It is a proven strategy. My book, Sharia-movie and Sharia-drama is doing well back home. To watch my Sharia Docu-Drama clickhere.

Canadian Sharia court was their pinnacle of success in West. Functioning since 1991, its leaders were trying in other countries for similar success. What nobody could imagine was that the explosive resistance to the Canadian Sharia Court (1991-2006) would come from none other than Canadian Muslims. Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC), the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) along with the International Campaign Against Canadian Sharia Court, a group of highly charged Iranian women, conducted and won this extremely important but unsung socio-cultural battle of recent history. European secular Muslim organizations are now in close touch with MCC for advice and strategy.

Lest we forget for thousands of years theocracy got the chance of proving its worth in running state-machine but failed due to its inherent weakness. Secular democracy came up as an alternative but its stalwarts back-stabbed by creating religion-based States Israel and Pakistan. Recently secular democracy suffered another serious setback when its leaders perpetrated genocides in other countries. These are the factors that sowed the seed of forceful return of religion in politics. Continuous failure of secular governments in Muslim-majority countries opened the door of Sharia-governance as alternative, backed by flow of Petrodollars. Decades-long struggle of “Islamic” Pakistan gave birth of the concept and effort of creating Hindu-Raj. Effort of incorporating Sharia Law is in West has similar effect.  

Future is still uncertain. It will depend on many complex variables – but we must keep fighting in all are as and ask them the magic question – “Show your laws”.