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Hadith plagiarized from the Bible
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I hope you will all read this book with an objective and intelligent mind (which is not an easy thing to do for the Ahlul Sunnah or the Shiah) and I hope that this book will help you in your journey towards the beautiful and powerful Islam that was revealed to the Prophet of Islam.

The first inkling I got about the influence of Christianity on the Ahlus Sunnah and Shiah are the too many similarities in the beliefs between Christianity and the Ahlus Sunnah and Shiah which are taught to us since we are children. But we have been taught by the priests of Ahlus Sunnah and Shiah that its alright to have so many similarities with the Christians as well as the Jews because all the the Jewish scriptures and the Christian Bible all bore the same teachings. This is not true at all. Only the Quran carries the Truth that withstands scrutiny, criticism and investigation. The Jewish scriptures and the Bible carry too many falsehoods.

But (quite unfortunately and sadly too ) I will prove in this book that what is written in the scriptures of the Christians and Jews that is accepted by the priests of Ahlus Sunnah and Shiah is actually not part of the Prophet's teachings.

The thing that got me worried from the beginning are the following verses in the Quran.

[Surah 3.100] O you who believe! if you obey a party from among those who have been given the Book, they will turn you back as unbelievers after you have believed.
[Surah 3.101] But how can you disbelieve while it is you to whom the communications of GOD are recited, and among you is His Apostle? And whoever holds fast to GOD, he indeed is guided to the right path

In these verses the Prophet warns us in no uncertain terms that the people of the Book (the Christians and the Jews) will seek to deviate the Muslims away from Islam and back to their religion.

If that is the case how then could the Prophet teach us anything at all that is NOT FOUND in the Quran but is only found inside the Christian Bible and the Jewish scriptures ? We will come to this point again in more detail.

But before I go any further it is important that we speak a little about the Quran. No one - not the Grand Ayatollahs in Iran, not the Chief Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca or any other chief priest of Ahlus Sunnah or Shiah knows the contents of the Quran from cover to cover. They recite the Quran like a sing song mantra book but they have no idea about its real contents.

The Quran represents the true spoken word of the Prophet - words that were revealed to him by GOD. The Quran is very clear about this:

Surah 69:40 ‘Most surely, it is the speech of an honored Apostle’.

The Arabic is unmistakable : “Innahu la kaulu rasuulin kareem”. ‘Kaulu’ means speech. Indeed the Quran represents the speech of the Rasul. When we recite the Quran in the Arabic language we are actually reciting the words that were first spoken out by the Rasul.

Hence I like to paraphrase the verses of the Quran that I quote in this book with these words 'the Prophet said..' .

The Quran has been sent down to us also as a confirming scripture or criterion. The Arabic word for a Criterion scripture is 'furqan'. Here is the verse:

[Surah 25.1] “Blessed is He Who sent down the Furqan upon His servant that he may be a warner to the nations”.

Now it is very simple logic that a confirming scripture can only confirm things that are found within its own pages. For example the Quran says that GOD created the first female Self and from her GOD created her spouse. We will discuss this in detail later.

Nowhere does the Quran say that GOD created the woman from the rib of the man which is what is written in the Christian Bible and also found in the fake hadith. So to be point blank accurate (and also to speak the truth) the Quran cannot confirm the passages in the Christian Bible which say that the woman was created from the rib of the man.

But the priests of Ahlus Sunnah and Shiah believe that indeed the woman was created from the rib of the man. They echo the following Biblical story.

Genesis 2 : 21 - 23 : “But for Adam no suitable helper was found. 21 So the LORD GOD caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man's ribs [i] and closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the LORD GOD made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. 23 The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman, for she was taken out of man."

This story cannot be found inside the Quran therefore the Quran cannot confirm this story. To overcome this deviation from the Quranic truth, the priests of Ahlul Sunnah say that although the Quran does not say so, it is found in the extra Quranic sayings of the Rasul which the Ahlus Sunnah call 'hadith' and the Shiah call 'khabar'.

I would like to pause here for a while. The reader has to stop and ponder this for a minute because it is important. The priests of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah thereby acknowledge that these Christian beliefs are NOT found in the Quran but they are found in their extra Quranic writings of the hadith or the khabar.

To overcome this discrepancy the priests of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah have concocted the further lie that their ridiculous and fake collections of hadith and khabar (both supposedly being recorded sayings of the Rasul) have the same stature as the revealed Quran.

I will also go into much detail about the falsehood of the hadith in the chapters ahead.

The Ahlus Sunnah have their thousands of hadith. Until today they cannot explain which one of their collections of hadith are complete and sufficient. For example if we ask the Ahlus Sunnah 'Can you lay in front of me the complete collection of all the so called hadith of the Rasul?" they will be dumbfounded. They have none.

[Surah 2.170] And when it is said to them, Follow what GOD has revealed, they say: Nay! we follow what we found our fathers upon. What! and though their fathers had no sense at all, nor did they follow the right way.

The Sunnis and Shiahs will refuse to read and understand the Quran. They will reject the clear teachings of the Quran which refute all the Sunni and Shiah beliefs that are stolen from the Christian Bible. Out of sheer force of habit and fear of leaving his comfort zone the Sunni and Shiah will choose to prolong the religion of his fathers without wanting to find out what is written in the Quran. The Sunni and Shiah will continue to uphold the Bible.


The head covering for women (hijaab) that is practiced by the Sunnis and Shiahs is an idea that is stolen from the Christian Bible. This hijaab idea is NOT Islamic and it is definitely not from the Quran and the Prophet.

We will see proof in this book that the Shariah Laws in the Sharia system of the Sunnis is plagiarized from the Christian Bible. It is NOT from Islam or the Quran which was taught by the Prophet. The Sunni beliefs like the punishment of death for the apostates is also an evil idea stolen from the Christian Bible. For starters I would like to talk about one more Sunni idea that is actually a plagiarism from the Christian Bible. This is the Ahlul Sunnah concept of ‘Aqeedah’.

As we discuss these things I would like to keep reminding the reader that the Ahlul Sunnah and the Shiah are actually practicing Christians. They are giving life to the Christian Biblical teachings which they have been fooled into believing is part of their religion of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah.

In the Sunni religion the concept of “aqeedah” is very important (hebrew : aqeedah, arabic : also aqeedah). The following definition of aqeedah is taken from the ISLAMIC DA`WAH NET at this location :
“Therefore al-aqeedah according to the scholars of Islam is : the firm creed that one's heart is fixed upon without any wavering or doubt. It excludes any supposition, doubt or suspicion.”

In fact it is a major concern for the Sunnies that their ‘aqeedah’ or religious creed be on the right track. They are always concerned that ‘aqeedah’ can be deviated or crooked, especially if it is the ‘aqeedah’ of their neighbours. They like to be ‘holier than thou’. They always like to judge their neighbours’ aqeedah.
For example in the never ending struggle between the Shiah and the Ahlul Sunnah cults, the Ahlul Sunnah say that although they may have outward similarities with the Shiahs (for example they both dress up like the Thief of Baghdad) but their aqeedah differs in that the core of their beliefs are different. This gives them an excuse to kill each other.

Other more pliant Sunnies say the exact opposite – they say that although they may have differences between their cults, the Shias and the Sunnis actually share the same aqeedah.

The truth is that this word ‘aqeedah’, which is a source of so much holier than thou persecution inside the Ahlul Sunnah cults, can never be found in the Quran to signify religious faith, religious belief, religious creed etc. In the Quran GOD and the Prophet never taught us anything about ‘aqeedah’ as referring to "religious faith". The Quran only refers to faith or 'iman' (arabic : eeman). The truth is this word ‘aqeedah’ is not even found in the Quran. There is occurrence of derivatives like ‘uqdah’ referring to ‘the knot of marriage’ (2:235) or ‘aqada’ referring to upholding the proper sharing of inheritances (4:33) but there is no such word as ‘aqeedah’ in the Quran and neither is there any reference of aqeedah as religious creed or binding faith in the Quran.

In their vain attempt to cover up their plagiarizing the concept of aqeedah as ‘binding faith’ from the Bible, some Sunnis try to say that ‘aqeedah’ is found in the Quran. They fail miserably to prove this point. Here is one argument from the Sunnis :

“Al-Aqeedah linguistically is derived from the term aqada. In Arabic, one states, "Aqada the rope" when the rope is tied firmly. And, "Aqada the sale" or "He settled the sale" when the person ratifies and contracts a sale or agreement. And GOD says in the Quran, "And as for those whom your right hands have made a covenant (Ar., aqadat)" [Al-Nisa 33]. And GOD also says, "But He will take you to task for the oaths which you swear in earnest (Ar., aqadtum) [Al-Maida, 89] which means asserted and adhered to, as proven in the verse, "And break not oaths after the assertion of them" [An-Nahl, 91].

In truth none of these verses they refer to above have anything at all to do with the concept of ‘the firm creed that one's heart is fixed upon without any wavering or doubt’. Each of the verses referred to above carries its own meaning that has nothing to do with the fabricated concept of aqeedah. These are the belatedly lame explanations by the Sunni ulema that have popped up to fill in the yawning gaps in their arguments.

Where does this Sunni idea as well as the word ‘aqeedah’ come from ? Would anyone like to guess ? It comes from the Christian Bible, in this case the Hebrew language Bible. It is NOT found in the Quran. Aqeedah is also a Hebrew word.
The Oxford Companion to the Bible talks about 'aqeedah' on page 43.
"Aqedah: The Hebrew word for 'binding', and the common designation for Genesis 22:1 - 19 in which GOD tests Abraham by commanding that he sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham "binds" Isaac (verse 9)."
“The New Testament refers to the aqedah not as an example of a redemptive sacrificial death but rather as an example of “FAITH". See the following verses:
[Jas 2:21] Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he offered his son Isaac upon the altar?
[Heb 11:17] By FAITH Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac, and he who had received the promises was ready to offer up his only son,
[Rom 4:16] That is why it depends on FAITH, in order that the promise may rest on grace and be guaranteed to all his descendants-- not only to the adherents of the law but also to those who share the faith of Abraham, for he is the father of us all,”
The Oxford Companion to the Bible also says that "From antiquity the AQEDAH has been portrayed in the arts. For example it appears on a wall painting of the third century CE SYNAGOGUE at Dura-Europos and on a floor mosaic of the sixth century SYNAGOGUE at Beth Alpha."

Long before any Sunni thought of ‘aqeedah’ as ‘the firm creed that one’s heart is fixed upon’ the Jews and Christians had already drawn paintings and illustrations about aqeedah or ‘binding faith’ in the Third Century and the Sixth Century.

The Prophet is believed to have existed around the Seventh century (so they say). The cult or madhab of Ahlul Sunnah did not come into existence until about the Tenth century. The Sunni ideas about aqeedah were not written down until later. So the Christians had a seven hundred year head start talking about ‘aqeedah’.

Again the Bible is the real source of the ‘aqeedah’ or religious creed of the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah. They have plagiarized their religious creed from the Christian Bible. There is not one thing they do which is from the Quran. The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah are actually good Christians.


The Sharia Law of the Ahlus Sunnah has codified the Hudood Offences which includes the offence of apostasy or irtidaa which according to them is punishable by death. Under the Hudood Punishments of the Shariah Laws an apostate or murtad must be killed.

There is no punishment for apostasy in the Quran. According to GOD and the Prophet in the Quran a person can jump into and out of belief. Here is the verse from the Quran that proves it :

Surah 4:137 ‘Surely those who believe then disbelieve, again believe and again disbelieve, then increase in disbelief, GOD will not forgive them nor guide them in the (right) path’.

If we believe in GOD we are guided. If we do not believe in GOD, GOD will deal with us in the Hereafter. This is what the Prophet has taught us. In the Quran there is no prescribed temporal punishment for the apostate, other than his fate rests with GOD.

But where does the Ahlul Sunnah belief that the apostate must be killed come from ? It comes from the Christian Bible. This very dangerous and evil belief that the apostate must be killed has created too much bloodshed and division among the ummah over the past centuries.

‘You are out of the fold therefore your blood is halal’ has been the battle cry of too many lost souls which has destroyed too many nations in the past.

In many Ahlul Sunnah countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Malaysia - if you are NOT a follower of the accepted mainstream Ahlul Sunnah sect you can be jailed and fined. In Saudi Arabia the Shiahs are discriminated against. In Pakistan from time to time the Shiahs are just shot and killed by the Ahlul Sunnah. Of course the Shiahs also return the affection from time to time.

The false belief among the Ahlul Sunnah that they must punish apostates has no basis in the Quran. It is another false Ahlul Sunnah belief stolen from the Christian Bible and then passed off as the teaching of the Prophet, sunnah of the Prophet etc. Here is the source of this false teaching from the Bible :

Leviticus 24:16
'Moreover, the one who blasphemes the name of the LORD shall surely be put to death; all the congregation shall certainly stone him. The alien as well as the native, when he blasphemes the Name, shall be put to death.

Here according to the book of Leviticus in the Bible anyone who blasphemes the name of the Lord shall be put to death. He shall be stoned to death. Here is more of this ‘let’s kill the apostates’ insanity from the Christian Bible :


"But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has counseled rebellion against the LORD your GOD who brought you from the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of slavery, to seduce you from the way in which the LORD your GOD commanded you to walk. So you shall purge the evil from among you.

According to the Bible anyone who thinks differently (dreamer of dreams) shall be killed. This is the real teaching of the Christian Bible. Just kill people who do not wish to believe like you anymore. Here is yet more killing from the Bible :

Deuteronomy 13:6 – 10

"If your brother, your mother's son, or your son or daughter, or the wife you cherish, or your friend who is as your own soul, entice you secretly, saying, 'Let us go and serve other gods' you shall not yield to him or listen to him; and your eye shall not pity him, nor shall you spare or conceal him. "But you shall surely kill him; your hand shall be first against him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people. "So you shall stone him to death because he has sought to seduce you from the LORD your GOD who brought you out from the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

So this is what the Bible says. Those who blaspheme the name of the Lord, those who are ‘dreamers of dreams’, those who tell you to serve other gods must all be put to death. And the ulema or the priests shall have the final say in deciding what exactly is blasphemy, who exactly is a dreamer of dreams, what exactly is ‘enticing you’ etc. If the ulema say you are outside their ‘aqeedah’ then you can be killed.

Anyway this is NOT the teaching of Islam, GOD or the Prophet. GOD never revealed anything like this to the Prophet. Instead GOD and the Prophet are very clear about what to do with those who switch from belief to unbelief then back to belief and then to unbelief again.

[Surah 4.137] Surely those who believe then disbelieve, again believe and again disbelieve, then increase in disbelief, GOD will not forgive them nor guide them in the (right) path.

One needs to be constantly alive to jump in and out of belief like this. The Quran allows this freedom of belief and disbelief but such a person who persists in disbelief will of course never be forgiven by GOD. There is no temporal punishment prescribed anywhere in the Quran for rejecting belief. This evil and barbaric punishment of death for apostates is stolen from the Christian Bible.

The Bible and the Shariah Laws of the Ahlul Sunnah do not allow any freedom of belief. According to the Bible and the Sharia Law of the Ahlul Sunnah a person should be put to death when he jumps from belief to disbelief. It is clear again that the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah reject the teachings of GOD and the Prophet in the Quran. Instead they prefer to plagiarise Biblical teachings and pass it off as the teachings of the Prophet.


In this chapter I wish to show more evidence of the so called Hudood Laws (part of the Sharia Laws of the religion of Ahlus Sunnah) that are plagiarized from the Christian Bible. In this case we shall look at the laws relating to the punishment for adultery.

The Sharia Laws state that the adulteress and the adulterer shall be stoned to death. If they are not married the punishment is 100 lashes. This is a great blasphemy against the Prophet and is an attempt to smear the good name of Islam. Stoning to death is NOT part of Islam.

This is another false law the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah have stolen from the Christian Bible. Here is the evidence :

Deuteronomy 22: 23 - 24

22 If a man is found sleeping with another man's wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die. You must purge the evil from Israel.
23 If a man happens to meet in a town a virgin pledged to be married and he sleeps with her, 24 you shall take both of them to the gate of that town and stone them to death-the girl because she was in a town and did not scream for help, and the man because he violated another man's wife. You must purge the evil from among you.

This is the source of the evil Sharia Law where the Ahlul Sunnah say that the adulterer and the adulteress must be stoned to death.

The Bible repeats this death penalty again :

Leviticus 20:10

10 " 'If a man commits adultery with another man's wife-with the wife of his neighbor-both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death.

Coming now to the Ahlul Sunnah, in the collection of fake hadith known as the Sahih al Bukhari (Volume 8, pages 209-210, translation by Dr Muhammad Muhsin Khan) we read this alleged sermon delivered by someone by the name of Hadhrath Umar during his last Hajj as Khalifa:

"Certainly GOD sent Muhammad with the truth, and revealed to him
the Book. One of the revelations which came to him was the verse of
stoning. We read it and understood it. The Messenger of GOD stoned and we stoned after him. I am concerned that if time goes on, someone may say, 'By GOD, we do not find the verse of stoning in the Book of GOD;' thus, the Muslims will deviate by neglecting a commandment the Almighty revealed."

"Stoning is in the Book of GOD. It is the right punishment for a person who commits adultery if the required witnesses are available, or there was pregnancy without marriage or adultery is admitted."

"When the verses "Rajm" [Stoning] and ayah "Rezah Kabir" descended, they were written on a piece of paper and kept under my pillow. Following the demise of Prophet Muhammad (S) a goat ate the piece of paper while we were mourning.

Refer also 1. Sunan Ibne Majah, Volume 2, Page 39, Published Karachi, 2. Musnad Imam Ahmad, Volume 6, Page 269, Published Beirut and 3. Taweel Mukhtalif Al Hadees, Page 310, Published Beirut.

This is the famous false hadith where the ulema say that the verse of stoning people to death was revealed by GOD and then became abrogated after a GOAT ate the piece of paper or parchment on which this verse was written. This story is too ridiculous even to justify any comment. If indeed the GOAT ate the verse and caused it to be abrogated, then why still keep in practice a verse that has been abrogated by a hungry GOAT ?

This killing the adulteress / adulterer or stoning them to death is NOT found anywhere in the Quran at all. About those who commit zina (adultery) the Quran says the following :

[24.2] (As for) the fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them, (giving) a hundred stripes, and let not pity for them detain you in the matter of obedience to GOD, if you believe in GOD and the last day, and let a party of believers witness their chastisement.

This is the Quranic law. But according to the Christian Bible and the false hadeeth created by the ulema, the adulterer and the adulteress must both be stoned to death or killed. Since the Bible came before the hadeeth, we now know that the false hadeeth about stoning people to death is stolen from the Christian Bible.

Just like the head covering for women, the law of stoning the adulterer/ adulteress to death is also plagiarized from the Bible. Indeed the Ahlus Sunnah are actually Christians. They are not Muslims.

They have created a great fitnah against the Prophet by saying that the Prophet prescribed the stoning of people to death for adultery.

The act of people stoning other people is indeed recorded five times in the Quran. In all these occurrences the people who performed the act of stoning were pagan disbelievers. Nowhere in the Quran does it mention that any believer or Muslim shall stone another human being.

Of course the exception to this is GOD Himself who says that He has rained stones upon evil communities of the past. But GOD also says that He can burn the wrongdoers in the hellfire, wipe out the wrongdoers by earthquakes, send diseases against them and so on. That is all within GOD’s power but nowhere in the Quran does GOD ask any human to stone another human for anything. In the Quran, the act of stoning other people is always the practice of the pagans. Here are all the five occurrences of pagans stoning people in the Quran :

In Surah 26:116 Noah was threatened with stoning by the pagan disbelievers.

In Surah 19:46 Abraham's father who was a pagan disbeliever threatens to stone Abraham.

In Surah 18:20 the Companions of the Cave (Ashaabul Kahfi) are in fear of being stoned by the pagan disbelievers.

In Surah 36:18 three messengers are threatened with stoning by the pagan disbelievers.

In Surah 11:91 the Prophet Shuaib is threatened with stoning by the pagan disbelievers.

Throughout the Quran the only people who resort to stoning are the pagan disbelievers. Stoning people is not a punishment sanctioned by Islam.

We have already quoted the verse above (Surah 24:2) which prescribes the punishment of 100 lashes for the adulteress and the adulterer. Here are some other verses that talk about punishing adulterous behaviour.

[4.22] And marry not woman whom your fathers married, except what has already passed; this surely is indecent and hateful, and it is an evil way.

[4.23] Forbidden to you are your mothers and your daughters and your sisters and your paternal aunts and your maternal aunts and brothers' daughters and sisters' daughters and your mothers that have suckled you and your foster-sisters and mothers of your wives and your step-daughters who are in your guardianship, (born) of your wives to whom you have gone in, but if you have not gone in to them, there is no blame on you (in marrying them), and the wives of your sons who are of your own loins and that you should have two sisters together, except what has already passed; surely GOD is Forgiving, Merciful.

[4.24] And all married women except those whom your right hands possess (this is) GOD’s ordinance to you, and lawful for you are (all women) besides those, provided that you seek (them) with your property, taking (them) in marriage not committing fornication. Then as to those whom you profit by, give them their dowries as appointed; and there is no blame on you about what you mutually agree after what is appointed; surely GOD is Knowing, Wise.

[4.25] And whoever among you has not within his power ampleness of means to marry free believing women, then (he may marry) of those whom your right hands possess from among your believing maidens; and GOD knows best your faith: you are (sprung) the one from the other; so marry them with the permission of their masters, and give them their dowries justly, they being chaste, not fornicating, nor receiving paramours; and when they are taken in marriage, then if they are guilty of indecency, they shall suffer half the punishment which is (inflicted) upon free women. This is for him among you who fears falling into evil; and that you abstain is better for you, and GOD is Forgiving, Merciful.

[4.26] GOD desires to explain to you, and to guide you into the ways of those before you, and to turn to you (mercifully), and GOD is Knowing, Wise.

In 4:25 above we are advised to marry believing women or even bondwomen. If the bondwomen who are married later commit sexual indecency then their punishment shall be half the punishment meted out to the free believing women.

This can only be possible if the punishment for adultery for example is 100 lashes as per Surah 24:2. The punishment for the bondwomen who commit adultery would then be 50 lashes or half the punishment for free women. If the punishment for adultery was stoning to death, then how do the ulema stone someone ‘half to death’ ?

It is clear that the ulema stand on stupid ground when they try to uphold false teachings from the Christian Bible against the true teachings of the Prophet in the Quran. The ulema have caused a lot of chaos, confusion and hardship for the ummah because they insist on upholding falsehoods from the Christian Bible.


So far we have seen in detail the various practices of the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah which are not found anywhere in the Quran. Instead I have shown the actual references in the Christian Bible from where these Sunni and Shiah beliefs are plagiarized.

Their false belief that the woman must cover the head, the evil Shariah Laws (stoning to death for adultery, death for apostates), the circumcision of males, their long list of permissible halal and forbidden haram foods and other beliefs CANNOT be found in the Quran AT ALL. They are just not part of GOD’s teachings. They are found in the Christian Bible. From the Bible many of these falsehoods were plagiarized and then passed off as ‘prophet’s hadith’, ‘prophet’s sunnah’, teachings of the sahaba etc. Essentially this is what has become the religion of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah. They are Christians. They are NOT part of Islam.

Some ulema say that these Biblical teachings were indeed known to the Prophet and he had then repeated these Biblical beliefs as part of his hadith and sunnah. The ulema call these the ‘israiliyah’ teachings. That is why there is much similarity between the Bible and the hadeeth – so they say !! What a fantastic confession ! This is another lie by the ulema which is also patently false and is a terrible slander against the Prophet and Islam.

Firstly GOD told the prophet:

[Surah 3 : 3 - 4 ] He has revealed to you the Book with truth, verifying that which is before it, and He revealed the Taurat and the Injeel aforetime, a guidance for the people, and He sent the Furqan. Surely they who disbelieve in the revelations of GOD they shall have a severe chastisement; and GOD is Mighty, the Lord of retribution.

The Quran has been revealed to the Rasul as a Criterion or Furqan to verify what was before it, including the Taurat and Injeel. So the Quran can be used to verify things. Now the Quran can only verify things that are found inside the Quran. If the Quran has A, B, C and D whereas the Bible has E, F and G then the Quran cannot verify E,F and G. Its as simple as that.

And true enough the Quran says:

[Surah 2.78] And there are among them illiterates who know not the Book but only lies, and they do but conjecture.
[Surah 2.79] Woe, then, to those who write the book with their hands and then say: This is from GOD, so that they may take for it a small price; therefore woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn.

Indeed the Christians have written today’s Bible with their own hands and then they say ‘This is from GOD’. The Christian Bible of today is actually a compilation of various works by various writers. For example the Gospel of Imam Mark, the Gospel of Imam Mathew, the Gospel of Imam Luke and so on. This is exactly like the Gospel of Imam Bukhari, the Gospel of Imam Muslim and the Gospel of Imam Tirmizi, the Gospel of Imam Jaafar Al Tusi, the Gospel of Imam Al Radi etc among the Sunnis and Shiahs. They all write their books with their own hands and then say ‘This is from GOD’. But again as a Criterion or Furqan the Quran cannot confirm what they have written. Too bad for them.

And still, because they have no proof or logical arguments the Sunnis and Shiahs will say ‘The Prophet repeated to us some of the Biblical teachings because it is part of the earlier revelation given to Moses and Jesus’.

Firstly could the Prophet have known what was in the Christian Bible ? Or even in the Injeel ? What does the Quran say ?

[Surah 42.52] And thus did We reveal to you an inspired book by Our command. You did not know what the Book was, nor faith but We made it a light, guiding thereby whom We please of Our servants; and most surely you show the way to the right path.

The Prophet definitely did not know what was the Book. He definitely did not know the Christian Bible or the Injeel or Taurat. He did not even know what was faith - ‘You did not know what the Book was, nor faith..’

Now for argument’s sake only, assuming that the Prophet did know about the Christian Bible, especially those parts that are NOT found in the Quran (for example circumcision, stoning people to death, death for apostates, head cover for women etc) could he have taken these teachings from the Christian Bible and put it into ‘his hadith’ and then say ‘This is also from GOD’ ? The answer is again a straight NO because GOD had already warned the Prophet :

[Surah 3:69] A party of the followers of the Book desire that they should lead you astray, and they lead not astray but themselves, and they do not perceive.
[Surah 3:70] O followers of the Book! Why do you disbelieve in the revelations of GOD while you witness ?
[Surah 3:71] O followers of the Book! Why do you confound the truth with the falsehood and hide the truth while you know?

This is what the people of the Book were trying to do. They were confounding truth with falsehood. They were writing the book with their own hands and then said ‘This is from GOD’. GOD is warning the Prophet that a party of the people of the Book were trying to lead him astray.

Throughout the Quran GOD warns the Prophet to be on the lookout for the people of the Book. They will constantly try to divert the Muslims from the Truth.

[Surah 3:186] You shall certainly be tried respecting your wealth and your souls, and you shall certainly hear from those who have been given the Book before you and from those who are polytheists much annoying talk; and if you are patient and guard (against evil), surely this is one of the affairs (which should be) determined upon.

The Prophet and the believers must be constantly on guard against the polytheists and the people of the Book. They will constantly bombard the believers with all kinds of talk. The people of the Book also sold the Truth away for a cheap price. What they were given before from GOD was discarded behind their backs. Here is what GOD says:

[Surah 3:187] And when GOD made a covenant with those who were given the Book: You shall certainly make it known to men and you shall not hide it; but they cast it behind their backs and took a small price for it; so evil is that which they buy.

After throwing away GOD’s teachings they wrote their own books like the Christian Bible and the Jewish scriptures. GOD again and again warns the Prophet to be careful about the Christians and the Jews. GOD tells the Prophet:

[2.120] And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion. Say: Surely GOD’s guidance, that is the (true) guidance. And if you follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to you, you shall have no guardian from GOD, nor any helper.

Again GOD warns the Prophet – the Jews and the Christians will not be pleased until you follow their religion. GOD warns the Prophet ‘do not follow the Christians and the Jews’. Only the Quran is the true guidance. The Christians and Jews were not able to penetrate the Prophet but they have certainly misled the millions of ulema who came after the Prophet.

But let us stop and think for a minute. After all this warning by GOD not to follow the Christians and Jews, that the Christians have written things with their own hands, that the Christians will not stop until they corrupt you etc, will the Prophet still go out and collect ‘sayings’ from the Christian Bible THAT ARE NOT IN THE QURAN and then pass it off to the ummah as his own ‘hadith’ or ‘sunnah’ or whatever ? Please think carefully. This is not possible.

The Prophet cannot say, “I know the head cover for women is NOT in the Quran but it is in the Christian Bible and it is alright for you to follow it”.

The Prophet cannot say, “I know the Quran only talks about 100 lashes punishment for the adulterer and adulteress and I know that there is NO death penalty for adultery in the Quran but the Christian Bible prescribes stoning to death for the adulterer and I think we should follow the stoning to death also”. The Prophet simply cannot do something like this.

Instead the Prophet told us all to be careful of the People of the Book. The Prophet told us :

[3.100] O you who believe! if you obey a party from among those who have been given the Book, they will turn you back as unbelievers after you have believed.

So if we believe a party from among the Christians and Jews, then we will become kuffar or disbelievers. This is what has happened to the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah. They have become kuffar or disbelievers because they have chosen to obey the Christian Bible and the Jewish scriptures.

The Quran does NOT teach us stoning to death for adulterers, killing apostates, circumcision of males etc. But the Christian Bible teaches us such things. So if you believe these teachings from the Christian Bible then you become a disbeliever – a kuffar.
[2.120] And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion. Say: Surely GOD’s guidance, that is the (true) guidance. And if you follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to you, you shall have no guardian from GOD, nor any helper.

The Jews and the Christians were not be pleased. They wanted the Prophet to follow their Bible. But the Prophet never followed their Bible. He was commanded to say :

[3.98] Say: O followers of the Book! why do you disbelieve in the ayaah of GOD? And GOD is a witness of what you do.

The Prophet is telling the Jews and Christians, why do you reject the Quran ? Why do you still follow your Bible ? the Prophet asks them some more:

[3.99] Say: O followers of the Book! why do you hinder him who believes from the way of GOD? You seek (to make) it crooked, while you are witness, and GOD is not heedless of what you do.

The Prophet told the Jews and Christians: Why are you trying so hard to change the Muslims into Christians and Jews ? Why do you want to deviate those who believe in GOD and the Quran ?


[3.100] O you who believe! if you obey a party from among those who have been given the Book, they will turn you back as unbelievers after you have believed.

But unfortunately this is what the so called ulema have done. After the Prophet died, they created all sorts of fake stories and started following the Bible. Many of the things they teach us today are actually Bible teachings stolen from the Christian Bible. Anyway the Prophet continues:

[3.101] But how can you disbelieve while it is you to whom the communications of GOD are recited, and among you is His Apostle? And whoever holds fast to GOD, he indeed is guided to the right path.

So dear readers how can you believe in all these Bible teachings when you have GOD’s Quran with you ? Why dont you read and obey the Quran instead of obeying and following the Bible. Please be careful of your duty to GOD.

[3.102] O you who believe! be careful of (your duty to) GOD with the care which is due to Him, and do not die unless you are Muslims.

So dear brothers and sisters. Do Not die as Ahlul Sunnah Christians. Live and die as Muslims.

CHAPTER 6 The Ulema Teach Prostitution, Paedophilia, Fornication and Sexual Depravity.

In this chapter I would like to list some really sick teachings of the ulema which again promote evil and promiscuity. It is a false delusion that the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah are promoting high moral values and chaste behaviour. They actually glorify illicit sexual behaviour.

Dallying with prostitutes

The Shiah Ayatollahs say that men can even marry women temporarily for an agreed period of time like one day or for a few hours at a time. They call this mutaa. In truth this is nothing more than prostitution.

This is not surprising at all because according to the hadith writers the Prophet even allowed mingling with prostitutes. Here is the false hadith:

Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 139: (CHECKED)
Narrated Abdullah:
We used to participate in the holy wars carried on by the Prophet and we had no women (wives) with us. So we said (to the Prophet ). "Shall we castrate ourselves?" But the Prophet forbade us to do that and thenceforth he allowed us to marry a woman (temporarily) by giving her even a garment, and then he recited: "O you who believe! Do not make unlawful the good things which GOD has made lawful for you."

This false hadith says that during ‘holy wars’ the Prophet allowed his men to ‘marry a woman temporarily by giving her even a garment’ ! This is a terrible slander and lie against the Prophet and his men. This false hadith attempts to portray them as having other things on their mind other than the struggle alongside the Prophet. This evil hadith accuses the Prophet of setting the price of dallying with a woman at just one piece of garment.

The Prophet’s true teachings in the Quran tells the men to control their lusts and keep chaste. Here is the verse:
[Surah 24:33] And let those who do not find the means to marry keep chaste until GOD makes them free from want out of His grace. And (as for) those who ask for a writing from among those whom your right hands possess, give them the writing if you know any good in them, and give them of the wealth of GOD which He has given you; and do not compel your slave girls to prostitution, when they desire to keep chaste, in order to seek the frail good of this world's life; and whoever compels them, then surely after their compulsion GOD is Forgiving, Merciful.

The Prophet taught us from GOD that we should keep chaste until we get married. We also cannot compel the slave girls into prostitution. How then could the Prophet allow his men to seek the company of prostitutes ‘even for the price of a garment’ ?. This is an obvious slander and evil lie against the Prophet by the ulema like Bukhari. If the ulema refuse to acknowledge this verse from the Quran, here is another verse from the Quran which says the same thing:
Surah 24:30 ‘Say to the believing men that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts; that is purer for them; surely GOD is Aware of what they do.’
This is what the Prophet taught us in the Quran. Muslims are to lower their gaze and control their lusts. But as usual the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah will reject this Quranic teaching. They like to preach that the Prophet told his men to go after prostitutes for the price of a piece of garment. They prefer to follow their own books of false hadith which they have written with their own hands.

In his famous biography of the Prophet the Ahlul Sunnah writer Martin Lings quotes evil and false hadith which say that on his wedding day the Prophet’s father was almost enticed by a Christian woman because she could see a certain light that he had in him. The Christian woman by the name of Qutaylah tried to seduce the Prophet’s father as he was on his way to be married. Then according to the evil hadith writers, after the Prophet was conceived his father did meet the woman again but he noticed that Qutaylah was not interested in him anymore. She told him that the light that he carried in him was gone. (See Muhammad: His Life Based On The Earliest Sources by Martin Lings (Abu Bakar Siraj al-Din), page 17 - 1Cool
This is the evil falsehood they write in the so called sahih hadith or authentic hadith. The Prophet has taught us from GOD that no one except GOD has knowledge of the unseen yet the ulema would have us believe their fake hadith that a Christian woman could see the ‘light’ that was being carried by the Prophet’s father.

The Arabs have never stopped their association with prostitutes to glorify their leaders. The founder of Saudi Arabia King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud is revered by his numerous sons and daughters. They tell stories about how before his campaign to capture Riyadh, the future capital of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz was in the company of a prostitute one night. However the prostitute asked him, ‘Who are you?’ for all to hear. “Abdul Aziz ibn Saud ? You should be ashamed of yourself. Stop hanging around here wasting your strength and spirit. Come back when you’ve achieved something you can truly boast about. We’ll know what measure of man you are when you have conquered Riyadh!” (From the book ‘Kingdom’ by Robert Lacey)

So the founder and ruler of the Ahlul Sunnah kingdom of Saudi Arabia was saved by a prostitute. She refused to entertain him on account of him being their great leader. Nevertheless she did ask him to come back after he had captured Riyadh !

Evil Pornography about the Prophet Solomon.

Here is some pornography about the Prophet Solomon from the evil Bukhari.

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 635: (CHECKED)
Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, "Solomon (the son of) David said, 'Tonight I will sleep with seventy ladies each of whom will conceive a child who will be a knight fighting for "GOD’s Cause.' His companion said, 'If GOD will.' But Solomon did not say so; therefore none of those women got pregnant except one who gave birth to a half child." The Prophet further said, "If the Prophet Solomon had said it (i.e. 'If GOD will') he would have begotten children who would have fought in GOD’s Cause." Shuaib and Ibn Abi Az-Zinad said, "Ninety (women) is more correct (than seventy)."

This false hadith is nothing more than a stag show off. Here the Prophet Solomon is alleged to have slept with seventy women in one night (other satanic ulema say 90 women). Assuming a night was about twelve hours long this meant that Solomon copulated non stop with slightly more than seven women every hour or with one woman about every eight minutes. Why would the Prophet Solomon want to do that ? Is that the job of a Prophet ? And what lessons does this type of copulation hold for mankind ?

What the ulema have done is make lawful prostitution and promiscuity. They have writen the fake hadeeth and the sick theology which they like to call ‘jurisprudence’ or Fiqh (pronounced fake). In this fake fiqh they promote totally depraved licentious behaviour. Here is some more of their ‘evidence’.

More Ulema Sexual Depravity – This Time From Imam Malik

The infamous book “Al Muwatta” by Imam Malik is considered by the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah as the “First Formulation of Law” (may GOD forbid). Imam Malik is considered one of the great fuqaha or doctors of jurisprudence among the Sunnis. The following false hadith is taken from the Al Muwatta of Imam Malik.

Translation of Malik's Muwatta
Translators: `A'isha `Abdarahman at-Tarjumana and Ya`qub Johnson

Section: Suckling of Older People

Book 30, Number 30.2.12:
Yahya related to me from Malik from Ibn Shihab that he was asked about the suckling of an older person. He said, ''Urwa ibn az-Zubayr informed me that Abu Hudhayfa ibn Utba ibn Rabia, one of the companions of the Messenger of GOD, may GOD bless him and grant him peace, who was present at Badr, adopted Salim (who is called Salim, the mawla of Abu Hudhayfa) as the Messenger of GOD, may GOD bless him and grant him peace, adopted Zayd ibn Haritha. He thought of him as his son, and Abu Hudhayfa married him to his brother's sister, Fatima bint al-Walid ibn Utba ibn Rabia, who was at that time among the first emigrants. She was one of the best unmarried women of the Quraysh. When GOD the Exalted sent down in His Book what He sent down about Zayd ibn Haritha, 'Call them after their true fathers. That is more equitable in the sight of GOD. If you do not know who their fathers were then they are your brothers in the deen and your mawali,' (Sura 33 ayat 5) people in this position were traced back to their fathers. When the father was not known, they were traced to their mawla.

"Sahla bint Suhayl who was the wife of Abu Hudhayfa, and one of the tribe of Amr ibn Luayy, came to the Messenger of GOD, may GOD bless him and grant him peace, and said, 'Messenger of GOD! We think of Salim as a son and he comes in to see me while I am uncovered. We only have one room, so what do you think about the situation?' The Messenger of GOD, may GOD bless him and grant him peace, said, 'Give him five drinks of your milk and he will be mahram by it.' She then saw him as a foster son. A'isha umm al-muminin took that as a precedent for whatever men she wanted to be able to come to see her. She ordered her sister, Umm Kulthum bint Abi Bakr as-Siddiq and the daughters of her brother to give milk to whichever men she wanted to be able to come in to see her. The rest of the wives of the Prophet, may GOD bless him and grant him peace, refused to let anyone come in to them by such nursing. They said, 'No! By GOD! We think that what the Messenger of GOD, may GOD bless him and grant him peace, ordered Sahla bint Suhayl to do was only an indulgence concerning the nursing of Salim alone. No! By GOD! No one will come in upon us by such nursing!'

"This is what the wives of the Prophet, may GOD bless him and grant him peace, thought about the suckling of an older person."

According to Imam Malik, the Prophet told Sahla to allow a grown man called Salim to suckle from her breasts. And we are required to believe that as a grown man Salim did suckle from Sahla.

Then we are required to believe that Aisha (the prophet's alleged wife) told her sister Umm Kalthum and the daughters of her brother to give milk to any grown man who wanted to come and see her.

My question to the Ahlul Sunnah is this ‘How do you implement this most satanic teaching? This is what the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah teach us to believe.

The ulema like this satanic Imam Malik actually promote licentiousness and sexual depravity. A very sick hadith like this does not need any explanation at all.


The Quran says the following about some people who have really earned GOD’s anger. I believe this verse refers to the people of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah. The Quran says :

[Surah 5.60] Say: Shall I inform you of (him who is) worse than this in retribution from GOD? (Worse is he) whom GOD has cursed and brought His wrath upon, and of whom He made monkeys and pigs, and he who served the Shaitan; these are worse in place and more erring from the straight path.

GOD threatened to make the people who serve the Shaitan into monkeys and pigs. Was this an illogical threat ? I don’t think so. Moreover pig monkey and pigs have many similarities to humans unlike other animals: for similarities between pigs and humans see:
When GOD promises to do something we can rest assured that He will do it.
The above can also be taken in the allegorical sense and could mean that by their behaviour the people who serve the Shaitaan will become monkeys and pigs. They may force themselves to appear like monkeys. They may be greedy gluttons like pigs.

We cannot deny that there are people in the world today who are followers of the Shaitan and I believe GOD has indeed made them into monkeys and pigs.
I believe part of these people are the Arab ulema and also the followers of Ahlul Sunnah and the Shiah.

By their appearance the Arab ulema and also the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah prefer to be unshaven and grow their beards long. It does give them the appearance of the hairy apes or monkeys.

But it does not stop there. By their own admission the Ahlul Sunnah also claim to follow the monkeys. The Ahlul Sunnah ulema believe that the punishment for adultery is stoning people to death. This false teaching is not found in the Quran. It is stolen from the Christian Bible. (Please see the chapter on Punishment for Adultery). But the Ahlul Sunnah will not admit that they have stolen these ideas from the Christian Bible. Instead they say they got the idea to stone people from the monkeys. By their own confession the Ahlul Sunnah fall into the punishment GOD has promised them – they confess that they are indeed followers of monkeys. Here is the evidence from their own Bukhari hadith.

Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 188:
Narrated 'Amr bin Maimun:

During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.

This is the basis of the Ahlul Sunnah’s false belief of stoning people to death for adultery. They learnt it from the monkeys. Hence the words of my GOD are proven true :

(Surah 5.60] Say: Shall I inform you of (him who is) worse than this in retribution from GOD? (Worse is he) whom GOD has cursed and brought His wrath upon, and of whom He made monkeys and pigs, and he who served the Shaitan; these are worse in place and more erring from the straight path.

GOD has indeed made the Ahlul Sunnah into monkeys. Their Sharia Law of stoning adulterers to death is copied from the monkeys.

Polygamy : The Arabs Learned It From The Monkeys Too !

Then the ulema make lawful polygamy ie they say that men can marry four wives. This is actually making lawful the old pagan Arab culture of maintaining harems full of slave women for their pleasure. By falsely saying that Islam allows polygamy, they are legalizing the prostitution of the harems.

Here too the Ahlul Sunnah particularly the Arabs may have learnt this polygamous harem behaviour from the monkeys. The Arabian Peninsula, Yemen, Ethiopia and Somalia are home to the Hamadryas Baboon. These baboons have lived in arid sub-desert and savannah woodlands of these countries for a long time. Just like the Arabs the Hamadryas baboons live in a very harsh environment with extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. What is interesting is that Hamadryas baboons are very social and have a four-level social structure. The male baboons maintain harems where a group of up to 10 females can be dominated by an adult male. These baboons that live in and around Arabia are the only known baboons that maintain harems.

Two or more such harems of Hamadryas baboons make up a clan, with single male followers. A band of Hamadryas Baboons is made up of several such clans.
And when several clans of Baboons band together it is called a troupe.

This is not unlike the polygamous harems maintained by the Arabs. There is no basis in the Quran for polygamy. It is most likely that the Arabs who claim to learn from monkeys how to stone adulterers to death have also learned polygamy from the Hamadryas Baboons. Indeed GOD has made them into monkeys.

The ulema’s confusion about polygamyu starts with the following verse in the Quran which they interpret as follows :

Surah 4:3] And if you fear that you cannot act equitably towards orphans, then marry such women as seem good to you, two and three and four; but if you fear that you will not do justice (between them), then (marry) only one or what your right hands possess; this is more proper, that you may not deviate from the right course.

Based on this verse they feel they can marry two, three or four wives.

This verse is actually a continuation of the previous verse ie Surah 4:2. Just like 4:2, this verse 4:3 is clearly talking about taking care of the interests of the orphans. And the verse tells us to ultimately marry off those orphans who seem good in our judgement in twos, three or fours. In other words just marry them off. The Arabic is clear :

fankihuu : thus marry them off

maathaaba : those who seem good

lakum : to you

minannisaa : from the women

matsnaa, wathulaatha warubaa : twos, threes and fours.

The other point to note here are the words twos, threes and fours. The Arabic is “matsnaa, wathulaatha warubaa” . Elsewhere in the Quran these exact words are used to describe the ‘wings’ of the malaikah (or what is commonly understood to be angels). Here is the verse:

[Surah 35.1] All praise is due to GOD, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, the Maker of the malaikah messengers flying on wings, two, and three, and four; He increases in creation what He pleases; surely GOD has power over all things.

The malaikah messengers seem to have wings “matsnaa, wathulaatha warubaa” or twos, threes and fours.

It signifies a plurality and not exactly two wings, exactly three wings or exactly four wings. Although we have no way of imagining a malaikah flying on three wings but the realms of human knowledge (the parameters in which GOD communicates with us human beings) makes it for an unbalanced flight with three wings.

But the Quran tells us that we can never be equally fair among the women :

[Surah 4: 129] And you have it not in your power to be fair between wives, even though you may wish (it), but be not disinclined with total disinclination, so that you leave her as it were in suspense; and if you effect a reconciliation and guard (against evil), then surely GOD is Forgiving, Merciful.

GOD Who created us is telling us that we cannot be fair among the women.
It is therefore better to have just one wife. Having spoken so much that we cannot be fair among women it would not be possible for the same GOD to tell us to marry two, three or four wives. It is also the natural inclination of all women that they detest polygamy when their husbands marry other women. This has been the case in all cultures and in all corners of the world. That is why to sustain their polygamous tendencies and harem behaviour the Arabs have developed a culture that totally puts the women down and treats women like chattels. This is the only way the Arabs can force their women to live in harems. And the Arab ulema have played along and legitimized this harem behaviour of the Arabs.

Ulema Make The Prophet A Paedophile

Then the ulema have also written false hadith which makes the prophet a paedophile. They say that the Prophet married a girl by the name of Aishah at the age of six years. Here is the slanderous and evil false hadith by Bukhari :

Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 236:

Narrated Hisham's father: Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married 'Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old.

Ashamed of this false hadith but not having the guts to admit their false beliefs, some of the Ahlul Sunnah have classified this embarrassing subject “one of the most controversial issues confronting Muslims today”.

Indeed the forces of kuffar who have created these false stories and slander against the good name of the Prophet by saying that the Prophet married a six year old child and then consummated the marriage when she was nine years old are squirming in their pants to avoid explaining this falsehood.

Firstly these forces of kuffar cannot pinpoint exactly the age of the alleged Aisha when she is alleged to have married the Prophet. Other false versions of the same hadith say Aisha was 9 when she married the Prophet and the marriage was consummated when she was 14 or 16. They themselves do not know which version is the ‘most authentic’ ?

Also the satanic ulema are too embarrassed to admit that despite their lie that the Prophet married a 6 year old girl they temselves will not give away their daughters in marriage at 6 years of age.

This is the hypocrisy of these satans. They will argue that it was alright for the Prophet to marry 6 year old children but it does NOT apply to their daughters or sisters. This is the greatest and the absolute proof against these falsehoods.

The Age of Marriage in Islam

It is really very simple to find out what Islam says about the age of marriage. We just check verses from the Quran that talk about nikah (marriage) as well as verses that talk about young women. Here are some of these verses. All of them specifically mention marrying women who have reached puberty:

[Surah 4.25] And whoever among you has not within his power ampleness of means to marry free believing women, then (he may marry) of those whom your right hands possess from among your believing maidens; and GOD knows best your faith: you are (sprung) the one from the other; so marry them with the permission of their masters, and give them their dowries justly, they being chaste, not fornicating, nor receiving paramours; and when they are taken in marriage, then if they are guilty of indecency, they shall suffer half the punishment which is (inflicted) upon free women. This is for him among you who fears falling into evil; and that you abstain is better for you, and GOD is Forgiving, Merciful.

Please pay attention to the words “of those whom your right hands possess from among your believing maidens”. ‘Believeing maidens’. The word for maiden is ‘fatayaati’. Fatayaati is not a six year old child. Fatayaati means a ‘young woman’. Fatayaati is female. The male youth or young man is ‘fataah’. A good example is the story of Nabi Yusuf when he was seduced (as a young man) by the ruler’s wife. Here is the verse:

[Surah 12.30] And women in the city said: The ruler’s wife seeks her young man (fataaha) to yield himself (to her), surely he has affected her deeply with love; most surely we see her in manifest error.

Fataah is a young man – (capable of loving a woman as in the story of Yusuf in 12:30). Likewise 'fataayati’ is a young woman (suitable for marriage as recommended in 4:25 above). Nowhere in the Quran does it say that you can marry a 5 year old toddler or 6 year old toddler.

That is just another satanic false hadith invented by the enemies of Islam to make the Prophet a paedophile.

Here is another verse about marrying young girls who are orphans.

[Surah 4.127] And they ask you a decision about women. Say: GOD makes known to you His decision concerning them, and that which is recited to you in the Book concerning female orphans whom you do not give what is appointed for them while you desire to marry them, and concerning the weak among children, and that you should deal towards orphans with equity; and whatever good you do, GOD surely knows it.

And what is recited in the Book concerning marrying female orphans ? Here is the answer :

[Surah 4.6] And test the orphans until they attain the age of marriage (puberty); then if you find in them maturity of intellect, make over to them their property, and do not consume it extravagantly and hastily, lest they attain to full age; and whoever is rich, let him abstain altogether, and whoever is poor, let him eat reasonably; then when you make over to them their property, call witnesses in their presence; and GOD is enough as a Reckoner.

‘Hatta izaa balaghu nikaaha’ which means ‘until they reach marriageable age’. Let not the satanic ulema of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah start pretending to be idiots and say reaching marriageable age or ‘balaghu nikaaha’ can also mean 6 year old or 5 year old toddlers.

And here is yet another verse that talks about marrying believing young women :

[Surah 2.221] And do not marry the idolatresses until they believe, and certainly a believing maid is better than an idolatress woman, even though she should please you; and do not give (believing women) in marriage to idolaters until they believe, and certainly a believing servant is better than an idolater, even though he should please you; these invite to the fire, and GOD invites to the garden and to forgiveness by His will, and makes clear His communications to men, that they may be mindful.

There is nothing here about marrying 6 yr old pre pubescent toddlers. You are supposed to marry ‘believing maiden women’ (amaatun mu’minaatun). Nowhere does the Quran tell us to marry 5 yr old or 6 yr old toddlers.

There are more verses but these should suffice. In all these verses above which talk about marriage (nikaah) the words used include

‘fatayaati’ (young women),

balaghu nikaah (reach marriageable age),

amaatun mu’minaatun (believeing maidens)

Nowhere in the Quran is the Rasul commanded to teach the believers to marry 6 year old toddlers.

Surely if the Rasul tells the people to marry young women (fataayati), or to marry believing maidens (amaatun mu’minaatun) or talks about orphans reaching the age of marriage (balaghu nikaah) then the Prophet cannot possibly turn around and tell the ummah ‘Well guys while you are all marrying young women, maidens and such I am going to marry a 6 yr old toddler’.

This is an evil lie and a slander against the good name of the Prophet of islam.

This evil lie and slander has been concocted against the Rasul by the forces of kuffar or the disbelievers. Today the agents of these forces of kuffar are the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah who are blindly and stupidly regurgitating these falsehoods.

Their problem is that with the age of the Internet and almost instant communications their stupidity runs the risk of suffering instant debunking and embarrassment. In the old days the fools can hide inside their madrasahs, their books and their madhabs. Today they cannot. They run into people who can severely embarrass them – simply by telling the truth from the Quran.

These foolish ulema do not know the Quran at all. They waste their lives pursuing falsehoods.

[Surah 3.69 - 71 ] A party of the followers of the Book desire that they should lead you astray, and they lead not astray but themselves, and they do not perceive. O followers of the Book! Why do you disbelieve in the revelations of GOD while you witness ? O followers of the Book! Why do you confound the truth with the falsehood and hide the truth while you know?

The followers of the Book will not believe the Quran. They seek to lead the Muslims astray. They will do this by making the Muslims follow their Bible.

[Surah 2.120] And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion. Say: Surely GOD’s guidance, that is the (true) guidance. And if you follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to you, you shall have no guardian from GOD, nor any helper.

We cannot follow the Bible or the Jewish scriptures. We must only follow the Quran which is GOD’s true guidance.

[3.100] O you who believe! if you obey a party from among those who have been given the Book, they will turn you back as unbelievers after you have believed.

If we follow the Christian and the Jewish books. Then we will become kaffir or disbelievers. This is what has happened to the Ahlul Sunnah and the Shiah.



Hadith plagiarized from the Bible
(Part 2)


The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah have invented many falsehoods about Abraham – whom GOD appointed the imam or leader for all mankind (imamu lin nass). The evil falsehoods which the Ahlus Sunnah and Shiah have fabricated about this important Rasul or Messenger of GOD seek to corrupt the image of Abraham, his wife, his son and family.
Again these falsehoods are all plagiarized from the Christian Bible. These falsehoods also completely contradict the Quran. We will show proofs from the Quran and expose these lies against the good Prophet and Messenger Abraham and his family.
Firstly here is one concocted story from the Christian Bible. This Biblical slander against the Prophet Abraham forms the basis for the false hadith that has been written down by the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah. This is taken from the Book of Genesis :

Genesis 16 : 1 - 16
Hagar and Ishmael
1 Now Sarai, Abram's wife, had borne him no children. But she had an Egyptian maidservant named Hagar; 2 so she said to Abram, "The LORD has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my maidservant; perhaps I can build a family through her."
Abram agreed to what Sarai said. 3 So after Abram had been living in Canaan ten years, Sarai his wife took her Egyptian maidservant Hagar and gave her to her husband to be his wife. 4 He slept with Hagar, and she conceived.
When she knew she was pregnant, she began to despise her mistress. 5 Then Sarai said to Abram, "You are responsible for the wrong I am suffering. I put my servant in your arms, and now that she knows she is pregnant, she despises me. May the LORD judge between you and me."
6 "Your servant is in your hands," Abram said. "Do with her whatever you think best." Then Sarai mistreated Hagar; so she fled from her.
7 The angel of the LORD found Hagar near a spring in the desert; it was the spring that is beside the road to Shur. 8 And he said, "Hagar, servant of Sarai, where have you come from, and where are you going?"
"I'm running away from my mistress Sarai," she answered.
9 Then the angel of the LORD told her, "Go back to your mistress and submit to her." 10 The angel added, "I will so increase your descendants that they will be too numerous to count."
11 The angel of the LORD also said to her: "You are now with child and you will have a son. You shall name him Ishmael, [a] for the LORD has heard of your misery. 12 He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward [b] all his brothers."
13 She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: "You are the GOD who sees me," for she said, "I have now seen [c] the One who sees me." 14 That is why the well was called Beer Lahai Roi [d] ; it is still there, between Kadesh and Bered.
15 So Hagar bore Abram a son, and Abram gave the name Ishmael to the son she had borne. 16 Abram was eighty-six years old when Hagar bore him Ishmael.

Now here is the fake hadith from the Bukhari collection which forms the basis of the Ahlul Sunnah’s lies about Abraham. Note the extreme similarity between the Christian Bible and the fake Bukhari hadith.

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 584:
Narrated Ibn Abbas:
When Abraham had differences with his wife), (because of her jealousy of Hajar, Ishmael's mother), he took Ishmael and his mother and went away. They had a water-skin with them containing some water, Ishmael's mother used to drink water from the water-skin so that her milk would increase for her child. When Abraham reached Mecca, he made her sit under a tree and afterwards returned home. Ishmael's mother followed him, and when they reached Kada', she called him from behind, 'O Abraham! To whom are you leaving us?' He replied, '(I am leaving you) to GOD’s (Care).' She said, 'I am satisfied to be with GOD.' She returned to her place and started drinking water from the water-skin, and her milk increased for her child. When the water had all been used up, she said to herself, 'I'd better go and look so that I may see somebody.' She ascended the Safa mountain and looked, hoping to see somebody, but in vain. When she came down to the valley, she ran till she reached the Marwa mountain. She ran to and fro (between the two mountains) many times. They she said to herself, 'i'd better go and see the state of the child,' she went and found it in a state of one on the point of dying. She could not endure to watch it dying and said (to herself), 'If I go and look, I may find somebody.' She went and ascended the Safa mountain and looked for a long while but could not find anybody. Thus she completed seven rounds (of running) between Safa and Marwa. Again she said (to herself), 'I'd better go back and see the state of the child.' But suddenly she heard a voice, and she said to that strange voice, 'Help us if you can offer any help.' Lo! It was Gabriel (who had made the voice). Gabriel hit the earth with his heel like this (Ibn 'Abbas hit the earth with his heel to Illustrate it), and so the water gushed out. Ishmael's mother was astonished and started digging.

This is the false Biblical story that has been reproduced in the hadith of Bukhari about the jealousy of Abraham’s wife Sarah towards a supposed bondwoman by the name of Hagar whom she ‘gave’ to her husband Abraham to bed. According to this false hadith, at that time Sarah herself could not bear children and decided to give her bondwoman as a mistress to her husband.

Firstly the names Sarah and Hajar are not mentioned anywhere in the Quran therefore the Quran cannot confirm these names that are mentioned in the Bible as well as in the false hadith books.

The idea that a Prophet and Rasul of GOD would even have a slavegirl in his household is repulsive of all the teachings of the Quran and what GOD taught to Abraham and Moses. The Prophets of GOD came to free slaves - NOT to have slave girls in their household. This is what the Prophet taught us :
Surah [90 : 4 - 16]
[90.4] Certainly We have created man in distress.
[90.5] Does he think that no one has power over him?
[90.6] He shall say: I have wasted much wealth.
[90.7] Does he think that no one sees him?
[90.8] Have We not given him two eyes,
[90.9] And a tongue and two lips,
[90.10] And pointed out to him the two conspicuous ways?
[90.11] But he would not attempt the uphill road,
[90.12] And what will make you comprehend what the uphill road is?
[90.13] (It is) the setting free of a slave,
[90.14] Or the giving of food in a day of hunger
[90.15] To an orphan, having relationship,
[90.16] Or to the poor man lying in the dust.

GOD will show man two paths (two conspicuous ways ?). He must choose the path that requires greater commitment and effort. That is the path of freeing the slaves, feeding the hungry, feeding the orphans and the poor man. Never will GOD ask anyone, especially His chosen Prophets and Rasuls to keep slave girls in their homes and then take their slave girls as mistresses.
Also GOD’s teaching for mankind is that men should always marry the women before bedding them but here the false hadith says the Prophet Abraham slept with a slave girl.
But the falsehood against Abraham and his family continues. Long before the Quran, the Christians had already fabricated another slander against the Almighty GOD that He had commanded the Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son. The evil slander by the Christians makes both GOD and Abraham parties to a barbaric ritual sacrifice of a human life. Even the very thought of this evil slander is preposterous. Here is the Biblical slander against GOD and Abraham :

Genesis 22
Abraham Tested
1 Some time later GOD tested Abraham. He said to him, "Abraham!" "Here I am," he replied.
2 Then GOD said, "Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about."
3 Early the next morning Abraham got up and saddled his donkey. He took with him two of his servants and his son Isaac. When he had cut enough wood for the burnt offering, he set out for the place GOD had told him about. 4 On the third day Abraham looked up and saw the place in the distance. 5 He said to his servants, "Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you."
6 Abraham took the wood for the burnt offering and placed it on his son Isaac, and he himself carried the fire and the knife. As the two of them went on together, 7 Isaac spoke up and said to his father Abraham, "Father?"
"Yes, my son?" Abraham replied.
"The fire and wood are here," Isaac said, "but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?"
8 Abraham answered, "GOD himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son." And the two of them went on together.
9 When they reached the place GOD had told him about, Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood on it. He bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar, on top of the wood. 10 Then he reached out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. 11 But the angel of the LORD called out to him from heaven, "Abraham! Abraham!" "Here I am," he replied.
12 "Do not lay a hand on the boy," he said. "Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear GOD, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son."
13 Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram [a] caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son. 14 So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, "On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided."
15 The angel of the LORD called to Abraham from heaven a second time 16 and said, "I swear by myself, declares the LORD , that because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, 17 I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, 18 and through your offspring [b] all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me."

This is the Biblical story of Abraham wanting to sacrifice his son because allegedly Abraham thought it was GOD’s command. The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah have swallowed this false Biblical story hook, line and sinker. Until today, to commemorate this slander against GOD and the Prophet Abraham the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah sacrifice goats, camels and cows on the Feast of Sacrifice or Eid Al Adha which also forms one of the cornerstones of their pilgrimage ritual in Mecca.

The story of Abraham trying to sacrifice his son is recorded in the Quran but in completely different detail. The Quran cannot confirm the Biblical story at all. Here is the beautiful Quranic version :
Sura 37
37: 102. When he (Ismail) grew enough to work with him, he (Abraham) said, "My son, I see in my sleep (araa’ fil manami) that I am sacrificing you. What do you think?" He said, "O my father, do what you are commanded to do. You will find me, GOD willing, patient."
37: 103. They both submitted, and he put his forehead down.
37: 104. We called him: "O Abraham.
37: 105. "surely you have confirmed the dream (qad saddakta al ru’ya) ?" We thus reward the righteous.
[The word ‘saddaqta’ means ‘to confirm’. For example refer Surah 66:12 where Mary confirms (saddaqa) the words of her Lord as true].
37: 106. That was an exacting test indeed.
37: 107. We redeemed him with a great sacrifice.
37: 108. And we preserved his history for subsequent generations.
37: 109. Peace be upon Abraham.
37: 110. We thus reward the righteous.
37: 111. He is one of our believing servants.

This is the accurate record in the Quran of Abraham trying to fulfil what he saw in his sleep. But this was definitely NOT a commandment from GOD. It was just what Abraham saw in his sleep. Let us analyse what the Quran says.

Firstly in the narrative above we see the following:
Surah 37: 102. When he (Ismail) grew enough to work with him, he (Abraham) said, "My son, I see in my sleep (araa’ fil manaami) that I am sacrificing you. What do you think?" He said, "O my father, do what you are commanded to do. You will find me, GOD willing, patient."
When GOD commands his Messengers to do something He gives them clear commandments which leave no room for misunderstanding by the Messengers. See the following verses :
Surah 10:15 “when our signs are recited to them, clear signs”
Surah 7:101 “their messengers came to them with clear signs”
Surah 2:87 “We gave Jesus son of Mary clear signs”
Surah 2:92 “Moses came to you with clear signs”

Hence it is not likely that GOD would give Abraham unclear commands such that after seeing something in his sleep (manami), we find Abraham asking his son ‘What do you think?’ This cannot be the behaviour of a Messenger of GOD when carrying out GOD’s commands.

Then we see that a command to kill one’s own child totally contradicts GOD’s teachings as follows :
[Surah 6.151] “Say: Come I will recite what your Lord has forbidden to you -- that you do not associate anything with Him and show kindness to your parents, and do not slay your children for (fear of) poverty-- We provide for you and for them -- and do not draw nigh to indecencies, those of them which are apparent and those which are concealed, and do not kill the soul which GOD has forbidden except for the requirements of justice; this He has enjoined you with, that you may understand.”

The Prophet taught us GOD’s command that we cannot kill our children even for fear of poverty. So how can GOD command another Prophet to kill his own son as a ‘sacrifice’ ? And the verse further says that we cannot kill any soul except in justice. Where was the justice in Abraham killing his son ? What crime or sin had Abraham’s son committed ?

In the following verse GOD tells us that the killing of children (human sacrifice) is indeed a pagan practice.

[Surah 6.137] “And thus their pagan idols have made fair to the pagan polytheists the killing of their children, that they may cause them to perish and obscure for them their religion; and if GOD had pleased, they would not have done it, therefore leave them and that which they forge.”

GOD’s command to mankind is that the killing of children (human sacrifice) is a pagan practice. Therefore it is impossible for GOD to command Abraham to carry out the pagan practice of killing his own son. Here is another verse from the Quran that forbids the killing of children:

The ulema of course reject all the above verses of the Quran. They would rather believe the Biblical slander that GOD commanded the Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son. The ulema prefer the barbaric act of killing your own son.
They say that GOD never intended that Abraham’s son would be killed. It was merely a test. Here is another verse that exposes the ulema’s slander against GOD and the Prophet Abraham :
[Surah 60.12] O Prophet! when believing women come to you giving you a pledge that they will not associate aught with GOD, and will not steal, and will not commit fornication, and will not kill their children, and will not bring a calumny which they have forged of themselves, and will not disobey you in what is good, accept their pledge, and ask forgiveness for them from GOD; surely GOD is Forgiving, Merciful.

In this verse the test specifically prescribed by GOD to accept the pledge of believing women includes their promise that they will not kill their children. This is because it is a great sin to kill one’s own child. Therefore it is impossible that GOD would test Abraham in the the exact opposite manner ie by giving Abraham a command to kill his own child.
Would Abraham have known about these commandments by GOD that we should not kill our children ? He certainly would have known because GOD tells us that whatever He revealed in the Quran has been revealed before to Abraham and Moses :

Surah 87 : 18 – 19
“Most surely this is in the earlier scriptures, the scriptures of Ibrahim and Musa.”

Most certainly then GOD had also taught Abraham previously that human sacrifice was a sinful thing to do. But not the Christian Bible. The Christian Bible teaches the falsehood that GOD commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son. Christians also believe that they must perform a cannibalistic type ritual of drinking the blood of Christ who they again believe was ‘sacrificed’ by GOD to atone for human sins. This belief in human sacrifice alone exposes the pagan origins of Christianity. Unfortunately the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah have plagiarized this false Christian belief.
And we are told clearly in the Quran that killing an innocent believing soul is a great sin:
"Anyone who kills a believer on purpose, his retribution is Hell, wherein he abides forever, GOD is angry with him, and condemns him, and has prepared for him a terrible retribution." 4:93
The retribution for killing another believer is hellfire. Here is another verse:
"No believer shall kill another believer, unless by mistake.... " 4:92
Again a believer cannot kill another believer. That would be against GOD’s teachings.
We are then told in the Quran that GOD NEVER advocates sin:
" ... Say, "GOD never advocates sin. Are you saying about GOD what you do not know?" Surah 7:28.
After teaching mankind that killing their own children is a pagan act and a sin and that the retribution for the sin of killing a believer is the Hellfire – GOD cannot contradict Himself by giving Abraham a test which requires Abraham to kill his own son.
If we put these facts side by side, we know that Abraham’s son was a good believer, thus killing him would be a sin, and we know that GOD NEVER advocates sin. The truth becomes clear; Abraham had a dream but it was not from GOD.
But because Abraham was a righteous believer "We thus reward the righteous" GOD intervened and saved Abraham’s son. GOD intervened and saved Abraham from commiting a great sin (37:107).
The ulema of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah will however reject all these verses from the Quran. That is because they are disbelievers or kuffar. They will prefer to uphold the Christian Biblical story that GOD commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son.


Just like many other practises which we have described so far, the Sunni and the Shiah too follow many prohibitions on food that is taken almost exactly, word for word from the Christian Bible.

Before we see where they have gone totally wrong, firstly let us see what exactly the Quran makes lawful (HALAL) and unlawful (HARAM) in terms of food.
[Surah 5:3] "Forbidden unto you (for food) are carrion and running blood and swineflesh, and that which hath been dedicated unto any other than GOD.."

The Quran only forbids FOUR TYPES of food ie carrion, running blood, pork and things (any food item) that has been dedicated to something other than GOD (eg on an altar, slaughtered by a human being with a particular identity etc).
The verse also continues with more detail about animals that are dead:
"( also forbidden are) and the strangled, and the dead through beating, and the dead through falling from a height, and that which hath been killed by horns, and the devoured of wild beasts, saving that which ye make lawful, and that which hath been immolated unto idols" (5:3).

Other than this, EVERYTHING ELSE is halal for Muslims. Yes, that would include frogs, crocodiles, alligators, birds and whatever else - AS LONG AS they are good for you. The Arabs say that they can eat desert lizards or dhawab. The founder of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz ibn Saud used to feast on desert lizards (dhawab) and desert rats.
[Surah 5:4] "They ask thee (O Muhammad) what is made lawful for them. Say: "ALL GOOD THINGS are made lawful for you. And that which the dogs catch which ye have trained as dogs are trained, ye teach them that which GOD taught you; so eat of that which they catch for you and mention GOD’s name upon it, and observe your duty to GOD. Lo! GOD is swift to take account".
People asked the Prophet "What is made lawful for them ?' The Prophet was commanded to say "ALL GOOD THINGS ARE MADE LAWFUL FOR YOU". And this includes what your DOGS catch for you (see verse 5:4 above).
This also means that Muslims can keep and rear DOGS and even use the DOGS to catch food. Such food is halal. But many of the sunnis today say it is haram to keep dogs. They hate dogs.
For thousands of years and until today millions of people have been eating porcupine, marsh rats, snakes, crocodiles etc. These animals are much sought after in various countries and people eat them because the animals make up good food. Similarly even the fake hadith records the Arabs eating desert lizards called 'dawwab'. Arabs and Pakistanis also eat locusts and other insects too. The Scandinavians eat an animal called the musk rat. The Amazonian Indians eat a large rodent called the capybara.
For these peoples desert lizards, musk rats and capybara are good food. So let them eat it - according to the Quran it is halal.
Similarly the aboriginal peoples have been eating squirrels, monkeys and other such creatures since GOD created them on the surface of the earth. The human being can eat all these because they are good for them.

These are all HALAL because "ALL GOOD THINGS ARE MADE LAWFUL FOR YOU" (5:4).
If you follow the Quran, you can eat anything that is good for your body except pork, running blood, dead animals and desecrated food. VERY simple. If you ollow the Quran, you can survive anywhere on GOD’s earth. (I have seen Sunni "tourists" starving themselves in Papua New Guinea. They kept eating bread for three days)
This is because the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah have come up with very long lists of foods which they have prohibited. Not surprisingly (because they are all falsehoods) you find differences between the sunnis, shiahs, shafiee, hanafi, maliki, hanbali sub cults etc on what exactly is halal or haram.

For example some say crabs are haram, frogs are haram, birds with talons are haram, animals with canine teeth are haram and other such things. If you refer the book ‘Al Halal Wal Haram Fil Islam’ by Yusuf Qardawi you will understand what I mean. They are not supposed to forbid or make haram all these foods, but the sunni and shiah ulema do not care. They are smarter than GOD.
[Surah 5:87] O ye who believe! Forbid not the good things which GOD hath made lawful for you, and transgress not, Lo! GOD loveth not transgressors.
[Surah 5:88] Eat of that which GOD hath bestowed on you as food lawful and good, and keep your duty to GOD in Whom ye are believers
But the sunni and shiah do not care. They can make unlawful what GOD has made lawful. They are greater than GOD. And where do they get their strange ideas ? You guessed it. The Bible of course.
Another example is that GOD has made lawful to hunt in the sea and to eat anything from the sea. Everything from the sea is halal for eating.
[Surah 5:96] To hunt and to eat of the sea is made lawful for you, a provision for you and for seafarers.."
Therefore for thousands of years Eskimos hunt and eat seals and walruses and whales and all kinds of fish. (What else could they possibly eat ?) And we all eat fish from the sea. Also turtles, sharks, sea cucumbers, crayfish etc. All this is lawful according to GOD and the Prophet in the Quran. But the sunni and shiah have created their own confusing lists of what is lawful and what is not lawful - even from the sea.
For example the Shafiee (or is it the Hanafi) sub cults among the Sunnis say that fish without scales are haram. This would make sharks and certain fishes without scales haram. Some also say that eels are haram because they are serpents. Some say mud crabs are ‘makruh’ or 'not encouraged' to be eaten because they live in two habitats i.e. in water and on land.

Where do these strange ideas come from ? You guessed it folks. It comes from the Christian Bible. The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah faith is plagiarized from the Bible.
And here it is :
[Lev 11:9] "These you may eat, of all that are in the waters. Everything in the waters that has fins and scales, whether in the seas or in the rivers, you may eat.
But just like some of the Ahlul Sunnah sects the Bible says you cannot eat the following:
[Lev 11:10] But anything in the seas or the rivers that has not fins and scales, of the swarming (crawling) creatures in the waters and of the living creatures that are in the waters, is an abomination to you.
[Lev 11:11] They shall remain an abomination to you; of their flesh you shall not eat, and their carcasses you shall have in abomination.
[Lev 11:12] Everything in the waters that has not fins and scales is an abomination to you.
This is exactly what some of the Sunnis say ie fish without scales are haram, crabs are haram or "makruh" etc..

Similarly the Ahlul Sunnah have made a list of birds that CANNOT be eaten. Included in this list are the birds of prey and other kinds of birds. They summarise it by saying you cannot eat birds with talons or curved beaks. Again this is only too similar to the following list found in the Bible:
[Lev 11:13] "And these you shall have in abomination among the birds, they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination: the eagle, the vulture, the osprey,
[Lev 11:14] the kite, the falcon according to its kind,
[Lev 11:15] every raven according to its kind,
[Lev 11:16] the ostrich, the nighthawk, the sea gull, the hawk according to its kind,
[Lev 11:17] the owl, the cormorant, the ibis,
[Lev 11:18] the water hen, the pelican, the carrion vulture,
[Lev 11:19] the stork, the heron according to its kind, the hoopoe, and the bat

We can clearly see where the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah prohibition on foods comes from – it is plagiarized completely from the Christian Bible. But surprise, surprise - the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah both allow the eating of locusts and some grasshoppers. As mentioned before - Arabs and Pakistanis do eat locusts. They say these are permissible or halal. It is quite strange because why did they not pick on honey bees, butterflies or cockroaches and made those things halal ? Why include only the locusts and grasshoppers on their halal list ?

The answer lies in the fact that this idea about locusts and grasshoppers being permissible food is also stolen from the Bible. The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiahs copycat the Bible very closely for both their HALAL as well as their HARAM foods.
[Lev 11:21] Yet among the winged insects that go on all fours you may eat those which have legs above their feet, with which to leap on the earth.
[Lev 11:22] Of them you may eat: the locust according to its kind, the bald locust according to its kind, the cricket according to its kind, and the grasshopper according to its kind.

But the Quran has already said "ALL GOOD THINGS ARE MADE LAWFUL FOR YOU" (5:4). Hence some Chinese restaurants serve fried ants, cockroaches and even scorpion. If it is good, why not ? The Quran allows it.
Again this is just one more example of the sources of the religion of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah, which cannot be found anywhere in the teachings of the Prophet in the Quran. They are stolen from the Chistians and Jews. These teachings are therefore not part of Islam.
These Sunni and Shiah beliefs are not part of Islam. But you can find these teachings ONLY in the Christian Bible. The Sunnis and the Shiahs are actually the best Christians. Without even realising it now, the Sunnis and Shiahs are following the Christian Bible better than the Christians themsleves.
They have fallen into the trap the Christians have set for them. GOD has already warned the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah :

[Surah 3:69] A party of the followers of the Book desire that they should lead you astray, and they lead not astray but themselves, and they do not perceive.

But it is too late. The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah have already been led astray by the Christians. They are no more Muslims. They are kuffar.


We have been reading just how much of what is believed to be part of the religion of Ahlus Sunnah and Shiah are actually plagiarized from the Bible. Todate we have seen that NONE - absolutely NOT ONE of the religious practices of the Sunnis and the Shiahs can be found detailed inside their own Quran. Circumcision is definitely one of them. Another big one is their five daily prayers. None of these things which the Sunnis (and Shiahs) believe in is found inside the Quran.
Over the years I have been asking the Sunnis and Shiahs again and again to show me at least one thing they do in their religion which is definitely from the Quran. So far they have not been able to show me anything at all.

Even something as mundane and simple as their greeting is different from the greeting taught to us inside the Quran. The Sunnis and Shiahs say ‘Assalamu Alaikum’. This is not found in the Quran. The Quran says ‘Salamun Alaikum’ - a slight yet major difference. Do not take such differences slightly. But the point is proven - even their ‘Assalamu Alaikum’ is different from what is in their own Quran.

We have seen so far that many of their beliefs are taken from the Christian Bible. We have seen that even the Ahlul Sunnah concept of ‘aqeedah’ or faith is plagiarized from the Hebrew Bible. Even ‘aqeedah’ is a Hebrew word. In the Quran you cannot find the word ‘aqeedah’. Only derivatives like ‘uqudat’ and ‘aqada’ are mentioned but they do not carry the same concept as ‘aqeedah’ which has been plagiarized from the Bible by the Ahlul Sunnah.

Well here is one more item on the list of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah beliefs that is not found anywhere in the Quran but is stolen from the Christian Bible : Circumcision.

The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah believe that circumcision is a part of their religious belief. They believe that the Prophet taught them to circumcise their children. The situation is so bad that the Sunnis even circumcise their female children. The mutilation of female genitalia is a serious problem in Africa and the Middle East.
The truth is GOD never asked the Sunnis or Shiahs to circumcise anyone. On the contrary GOD says that He made the human in a perfect shape:
[Surah 40:64.24] "GOD it is Who appointed for you the earth for a dwelling-place and the sky for a canopy, and fashioned you and perfected your shapes, and hath provided you with good things. Such is GOD, your Lord. Then blessed be GOD, the Lord of the Worlds!"
So GOD has made us perfect - including the foreskin on the male and the genitalia of the female. There is no need for any smart Sunnis or Shiahs to try and improve on GOD’s creation - even as an option, an exercise of freewill or whatever. Sunnis or anyone else have the freedom and option to cut off their foreskin or to cut off any other part of their body - but that is not part of GOD’s commandments. Let us be clear.
But where does the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah belief in circumcision come from ?
Once again the answer lies in the Christian Bible. Since many of the early Sunnis were converts from Christianity or Judaism they brought with them their own beliefs and systems that later became the Sunni / Shiah religion. One example is the Covenant of Circumcision from the Bible.
[Gen 17:14.13] Any uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant." This is the covenant of circumcision.
Also the following:
[Gen 17:24.16] Abraham was ninety-nine years old when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin.
[This story is found almost exactly in the Sunni hadith theology. The Sunnis say that Abraham circumcised himself with an adze - a small axe. Ouch ! Here is the false hadith : Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 575: Narrated Abu Huraira: GOD’s Apostle said, "Abraham did his circumcision with an adze at the age of eighty" ].

Here is the rest of the Biblical story about circumcision:
[Gen 17:25.18] And Ishmael his son was thirteen years old when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin.
And here is another particularly cultish ritual from the Bible:
Exod 4:25.11] Then Zipporah took a flint and cut off her son's foreskin, and touched Moses' feet with it, and said, "Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me!"
The Sunnis do a similar thing today. The circumcision of a male child is cause for much hullabaloo complete with feasting and flocking together.
So once again we see that the Ahlul Sunnah and the Shiahs are actually very good Christians. They uphold the old Biblical beliefs when almost all of Christendom has abandoned these same Biblical beliefs.


The Ahlul Sunnah have been misled into becoming kuffar or disbelievers because they have abandoned the Quran. Today ask any ulema of Ahlul Sunnah simple basic questions about the Quran and they will stare at you blankly. They do not know the Quran. For example in this book so far I have quoted dozens of verses from the Quran. To the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah these verses will appear like Greek because they have never seen these verses or paid any real attention to the meanings of these verses from their own Quran.
Is it a wonder then that the Prophet will one day complain :
Surah 25.30 “And the Apostle will say: O my Lord! surely my people have taken flight away from the Quran”
Arabic : “Wa qaala rasuulu Ya Rabbi Inna kaumi ittakhazu hadha al Quraana mahjuura !! “
This is what the ulema have done. They have totally abandoned the Quran. So what do the ulema know ? They will only know some information from their fake hadith literature. But that too only in sketchy bits and pieces. They do not even know their hadith properly.
The Ahlul Sunnah say that in their pantheon of fake hadith, the writings of a fellow by the name of Imam Bukhari ‘is second only to the Quran’. They say that without this fake hadith they cannot understand the Quran - a Book which was revealed by GOD and which GOD says is ‘made easy to remember’.
The Quran repeats this particular verse four times :
[Surah 54.17] And certainly We have made the Quran easy for remembrance, but is there anyone who will TAKE HEED ?
This exact same verse is repeated in 54:22, 54:32 and 54:40. To enable mankind to take heed of the Quran, GOD has made the Quran easy to remember. This is actually simple logic. If the Quran is the Book of Guidance for mankind then it must be user friendly. It is really easy to remember the Quranic teachings. The reader will see how easily the writer can regurgitate appropriate verses throughout this book. Yet the writer has read the Quran from cover to cover only once in his lifetime – and that too in translation only. It just sticks to your head. But once again the ulema also reject this verse from the Quran. They do not believe that the Quran can be understood easily without their ‘second only to the Quran’ collection of fake Bukhari hadith.
But the ulema themselves have not read the Bukhari collection of fake hadith from cover to cover. If they had done so they would have discovered that while the Quran has 6,346 verses, the collection of fake Bukhari hadith tries to explain only one third or less of the 6,348 verses of the Mushaf of which 9:128&129 do NOT even belong into the Quran. There are not enough fake Bukhari hadith to explain the whole Quran.
And the ulema do not realise that in the fake hadith of Bukhari they will come across the following words “No hadith were recorded here” as Bukhari’s ‘explanation’ for 28 surahs or chapters of the Quran. (See Sahih Bukhari, Volume 6 - Tafsir of the Quran, translation by Dr Muhammad Muhsin Khan, University Medina Al Munawwara).
In other words Bukhari himself admits that he was not able to record any hadith to explain 28 complete surahs or chapters of the Quran. That is 25 percent of the 114 surahs in the Quran. And the remaining hadith are sketchy, ridiculous and do not explain any of the verses of the Quran at all.
And yet the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah say the collection of fake Bukhari hadith is ‘second only to the Quran’. Here is a really sick description of Bukhari by an Ahlul Sunnah admirer :
“If the rich literature of Hadith is assumed a splendid collection of pearls, Al-Jami'us Sahih of Imam al-Bukhari is rightfully privileged to be called a gigantic ocean serenely flowing for the providence and safeguard of those precious pieces of magnificence. A vast, yet shore less ocean having lavishly quenched the thirst of many, it is unanimously held in the high esteem of being 'the most authentic book after the book of GOD' by advocates and adversaries alike’.
They speak with pride about “the dazzling level of measures adopted by Imam Bukahri in preserving the credibility of his 'Sanad' ”. But despite all these ridiculous comments there is no evidence that Imam Bukhari even wrote the so called hadeeth collection known as 'Sahih Bukhari'.
The ulema themselves say that "Bukhari’s text has not come down to us in a single uniform version, but exists in several ‘narrations’ (riwayat), of which the version handed down by al-Kushaymani (d.389) on the authority of Bukhari’s pupil al-Firabri is the one most frequently accepted by the ulema".
This is called the “Ulema Shuffle” otherwise known as double talk. They do not have a single, written collection of hadith which they can say with certainty was written by Imam Bukhari. There is no such thing. What they have are bits and pieces that have been sorted and put together over a period of almost 600 years.

The ulema realize that they stand on empty lies. To cover one lie they create a thousand more lies. To divert attention from the fact that Bukhari is not the author of a complete collection of the fake hadith that is attributed to him, the Ahlul Sunnah ulema say that at least seventy full commentaries have been written on Imam al-Bukhari’s ‘great Sahih’. How this helps prove their case is best left to the ulema to shuffle.
According to the ulema, the most celebrated of these commentaries is “without question the Fath al-Bari (‘Victory of the Creator’) by Imam Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani, a work which was the crown both of its genre and of the Imam’s academic career. It is appreciated by the ulema for the doctrinal soundness of its author, for its complete coverage of Bukhari’s material, its mastery of the relevant Arabic sciences, the wisdom it shows in drawing lessons (fawa’id) from the hadiths it expounds, and its skill in resolving complex disputes over variant readings. For Bukhari’s text has not come down to us in a single uniform version, but exists in several ‘narrations’ (riwayat), of which the version handed down by al-Kushmayhani (d.389) on the authority of Bukhari’s pupil al-Firabri is the one most frequently accepted by the ulema”. ( see “Ibn Hajar Asqalani and his Commentary Fath al-Bari” at http://www.central-mosque.com/biographies/asqalani2.htm and www.thesaurus-islamicus.li).
By the ulema’s own admission their collection of fake Bukhari hadith is compiled from a ‘commentary’ on Bukhari by another fellow by the name of Ibnu Hajar Al Askalani.

But this fellow Ibnu Hajar never met Bukhari because according to the ulema Ibnu Hajar Askalani lived and died in 852 AH which is 596 years after Bukhari who is supposed to have lived and died in 256 AH. The ulema say Bukhari never wrote down a completed book. There were no printing presses or photocopy machines or computers available at that time. And 596 years separated Ibnu Hajar from Bukhari. So how did Ibnu Hajar write a commentary about a book that never existed ?

To overcome gaps like these the ulema say that Ibnu Hajar based his writing on the commentary of another fellow called al-Khushaymani who lived and died in 389 AH. Thus they narrow the yawning gap to 463 years. 463 years separated Ibnu Hajar al Askalani and the commentary of al Khushaymani. But even the commentary of al Khushaymani did not exist in one volume or in one collection.

But Khushaymani in turn is still separated from Bukhari by 133 years. Another gap here. To fill this gap the ulema call upon another fellow by the name of al Firabri (Muhammad ibn Yusuf ibn Matar al Firabri 231 – 320 AH) who they say was the missing link and source of the collection of fake hadith from Bukhari (died 256 AH) to Khushaymani (died 389 AH) to Ibnu Hajar (died 852 AH). The reader must carefully bear in mind that despite all these names and throughout this passage of 596 years between Bukhari and Ibnu Hajar, the ulema’s own evidence admits that there never was any complete collection of Bukhari hadith. There was and there is no such thing. The whole thing has been faked by the ulema.
Obviously the claim that Al Askalani wrote his commentary based on Kushaymani is a lie. Askalani never met Kushyamani. 463 years separated them.
The same argument goes for the seventy other commentators ? In fact the number 70 is itself mind boggling. Each of the seventy claims to have his own source. But they are all different (the so called variant readings). The seventy versions (or so they claim) have their own Kushaymanis, Fiabris and Askalanis. They have their own gaps of 400 years, 500 years, 300 years and so on. This guesswork is the basis of the religion of Ahlul Sunnah. With the Shiah it is even worse.

And this is what the ulema say about Ibn Hajar’s commentary on Bukhari hadith:
“Ibn Hajar frequently uses the Kushmayhani variant as his standard text, but gives his reasons, often in complex detail, for preferring other readings where these seem to have particular merit. In doing this he makes it clear that he is authorised, through the ijaza-system, for all the riwayat he cites”.
In other words Ibnu Hajar Askalani merely patched together HIS idea of what he thought the Sahih Bukhari should be. This is because there were variances in the available Bukhari hadeeth. It is just guesswork. This is what they have today which they call the Sahih Bukhari.
And again despite talking so much about the fake Bukhari hadith the ulema still say that " there are few hadith which can be understood adequately without reference to the often complex debates which have taken place concerning them between the scholars. "

According to the ulema few hadith can be understood without referring to the complex debates among the ulema. This is a lark. The ulema say that the hadith explains the Quran. Now they say without their complex debates you cannot even understand the hadith.

We are expected to believe that the Almighty GOD who created the universe, the sky, the animals and the humans will now have to depend on the complex debates between the ulema before the human being can understand the Quran - GOD’s guidance for mankind. Such arrogant boasts by the ulema can only arise from extreme kuffar.

And despite talking so much, the collection of fake Bukhari hadith still says ‘No hadith were recorded here’ as the explanation for 28 surahs of the Quran. Bukhari does not have enough fake hadith to explain the Quran !

The reader is also requested to see the chapter which lists totally stupid and ridiculous hadith from Bukhari. To conclude this chapter, here is just one example :

Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 188:
Narrated 'Amr bin Maimun:
During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.

Lets just call this the Monkey hadith !


Here are some really stupid Bukhari hadith. The reader must bear in mind that this stupidity is despite “Al-Jami'us Sahih of Imam al-Bukhari is rightfully privileged to be called a gigantic ocean serenely flowing for the providence and safeguard of those precious pieces of magnificence”.

Here are some of those precious pieces of magnificence :

Bukhari Volume 1, Book 9, Number 490: Narrated 'Aisha: The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, "Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman." I said, "You have made us (i.e. women) dogs. I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away. for I disliked to face him."

So women are like dogs and donkeys.

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537: Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said "If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease."

Perhaps this is why the Ahlul Sunnah will continue to buy pharmaceutical products from the West. Dunking flies in your tea spreads disease.

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 5: Narrated 'Ata: We presented ourselves along with Ibn 'Abbas at the funeral procession of Maimuna at a place called Sarif. Ibn 'Abbas said, "This is the wife of the Prophet so when you lift her bier, do not Jerk it or shake it much, but walk smoothly because the Prophet had nine wives and he used to observe the night turns with eight of them, and for one of them there was no night turn."

This is a mystery.

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 6: Narrated Anas: The Prophet used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives.

But the other hadith just said someone missed a turn.

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 7: Narrated Said bin Jubair: Ibn 'Abbas asked me, "Are you married?" I replied, "No." He said, "Marry, for the best person of this (Muslim) nation (i.e., Muhammad) of all other Muslims, had the largest number of wives."

The more wives one has the better Muslim one becomes. Hmmm…

Mahmood bin Rabe narrates, “I still remember when I was five years old, the Holy Prophet rinsed his mouth and then spat the water into mine” (Bukhari Kitabul Ilm vol.2, hadith 77).

Perhaps an adjunct to the ‘dip the fly in your tea’ cure for diseases.

The (Exalted) Messenger used to visit all nine of his wives every night (Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:52).

The Holy Messenger used to have intercourse with all of his wives in one hour of the day and night (without taking a bath) and these (wives) were eleven.

The Holy Prophet had the (sexual) power of 30 men (Bukhari, Book of Bath 1:189).

The Prophet said that the best man amongst his followers is the one who has the greatest number of wives (Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:52).

The Holy Prophet asked, “Who will buy this slave from me?” Hazrat Naeem bought him for 800 Darham (Bukhari, Kitabul Ikrah p.669).

The hadith Bukhari has made the Prophet a slave trader !

The sun rises between the two antlers of Satan (Bukhari 2:134).

And we thought the sun rose over the Land of the Rising Sun !

After the fall of Khyber, people described the beauty of Safia Bint Hui, the new bride of a slain enemy soldier. The Prophet chose her for himself. On the way to Madina he stopped and had intercourse with her. His companions did not know if she was a wife or a concubine. Later, a veil was drawn between her and the men-folk and they came to know that she was a wife (Bukhari, Book of Sales and Book of Nikah 3:59).

From slave trading to sleeping with 9 or 11 women in one night to sleeping with the prisoners of war ! Indeed Bukhari makes the Prophet of Islam to be a real superhero and a gentleman !

The Prophet said, “Bad luck, misfortune and doom can exist in a wife, a home and a horse” (Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:60).

“After my time, the greatest tribulation for men will be women” (Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:61).

I saw that most of those entering the gate of hellfire were women (Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:97).

Again the slanderous statements against women. They were like dogs and donkeys. Now they are like horses too. And of course the women will entere the hellfire in large numbers.

Fitna (tribulation) is in the East (Bukhari, Book of Talaq 3:132).

Maybe Bukhari’s compass was broken ?

Aisha said to the Prophet, “Ah! My head is bursting.” He said, “I wish it did.” Aisha responded: “You want me to die so that you can spend the next night with another wife” (Bukhari, Book of Medicine, vol.3).

Maybe Aishah was the woman who did not get her turn that particular night ?

A man inquired, “We earn income from these bondwomen, (other narratives mention prostitution) so can we do coitus interruptus with them?” The Prophet said, “There is no sin in doing that” (Bukhari Kitabul Qadr 3:543).

Some people got sick in Madina. The Prophet advised them to drink camel's urine and milk. After they became well, they killed a shepherd. The Prophet ordered that their hands and feet be chopped off and their eyes enucleated. They were laid on burning sand. When they asked for water it was denied them. So much so that they tasted sand until they died (Bukhari Kitabul Mahrabain and Kitabut Tib p.254).

More organic medical prescriptions. From flies to camels urine.

Seeing a black woman in a dream is the sign of an oncoming epidemic (Bukhari Kitabul Ta'abir).

Does this mean black people must dream about white people too ?

The Prophet’s wives awoke late one morning. He said, “Many women who are dressed up in this world will be raised unclothed in the Hereafter” (Bukhari Kitabul Fatan 3:718).

Another mystery.

The Prophet used to become very restless and frightened whenever he saw the sky overcast (Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:213).

Prophet was also superstitious ?

The hellfire complained to GOD, "One part of me is eating the other part." So, the hellfire was allowed two breaths - one in summer and one in winter. That is how you see the change of seasons (Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:231).

Only in the Arab countries. The deserts are hot like hell anyway.

Azan, (the call to prayer), puts Satan to flight, expelling gas as he runs away (Bukhari Beginning of Creation 2:237).

Satan should not eat so much Jalapeno beans.

Satan rests at night in your noses (Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:241).

And that is why when your nose itches at night you should not scratch.

A rooster sees angels, and a donkey sees Satan (Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:213).

That’s why donkeys are donkeys and roosters are roosters.

Rats are the lost tribe of Israel because they drink not the camel's milk, but drink goat’s milk (Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:244).

But goat’s milk is so expensive. Rats have expensive tastes.

Five animals are sinful, so kill them even in Makkah: rat, scorpion, eagle, crow, and a biting dog (Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:245).

What about smiling dogs ?

The Prophet ordered the killing of dogs (Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:247).

What would you expect – after slave trading and sleeping with prisoners of war.

Woman was created from the rib so she will always remain crooked. Leave her crooked (Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:251).

Maimoona said that she gazed at the Prophet taking a bath after intercourse, until she saw him wash his private parts (Bukhari, The Book of Bath 1:193).

Before the Prophet the men never washed their private parts ?

If the Prophet wanted to have intercourse with a menstruating wife, he ordered her to tie a loincloth even though the menstruation would be at its peak. Then he had intercourse. Whoever has concocted this hadith adds a contrary statement: Aisha said, "No one of you has as much control over his desire as the Prophet had!" (Bukhari The Book on Menstruation 1:98, chapter 207).

Abu Hurairah narrates that the Prophet said, "I was praying. Satan came in front of me and tried to force me to break my prayers. GOD gave me control over him and I threw him down. I thought of tying him with a pillar so that you could see him in the morning (Bukhari 1:469, chapter 766).

The Quran says ‘The satan and his tribe can see you from places while you cannot see them’ Surah 7:27.

The Messenger of GOD addressed his wife Safia as “O’ you bald-headed perished one!” (Bukhari, Kitab Talaq p.143).

Umro bin Maimoon reported, “I saw a monkey surrounded by a swarm of other monkeys. He had committed adultery with a female monkey. So, all monkeys stoned him to death. I cast stones, too.” 
A variation of this hadith reports, “The female monkey had been lying down with a middle-aged male when a young male came and gestured with his eye. The female slowly pulled her hand away from under the head of the middle-aged monkey and tiptoed away from him. Then she committed adultery with the young monkey. The older monkey got wind of what had happened so he yelled and gathered around him all monkeys in the vicinity. They stoned both (the adulterers) to death!” (Bukhari 2:261).

More monkey jurisprudence for the Ahlul Sunnah.

When a woman refuses to come to her husband’s bed, angels curse her until she returns (Bukhari, Book of Nikah p.96).

Hadith #185 narrates that once the Holy Prophet asked for a bowl of water. He washed his hands and face in it. Then he rinsed his mouth in it and after that ordered Abu Musa and Bilal to drink the used water!

The Book of Bath #246: Abu Salma and the brother of Aisha went to Aisha to learn about the bath after sexual intercourse. She procured a container of water and took a bath. There was a veil between them and her.

It was Home Science. You have to teach the younger generation how to wash your private parts.

The Holy Prophet passed a group of women. He said to them, “Ladies, give alms, because I have seen you burning in hell in great numbers.”
When the women asked the reason for it, he said:
v “You women curse too much!”
v “You are ungrateful to your husbands.”
v “In spite of being deficient in intellect as well as in religion, you are capable of prevailing over a man of wisdom; you are a creation the like of which has never been seen.”
v “Is not the testimony of a woman one half that of a man? This is the measure of deficiency of your intellect!”
v “And mind you, when a woman has her periods she is not allowed to pray or to fast. This is the measure of your deficiency in religion.”


It is a fact that until today slavery is freely practised in the Ahlul Sunnah countries like Saudi Arabia and the Sudan. They have learned this from the Christian Bible.

Of course the larger definition of slavery would put almost the whole of the Third World into the class of slavery. There is much slavery in India, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Phillipines. This is institutionalised slavery on a national scale sustained by illiteracy, ignorance, the caste system in Pakistan and India and the consequent poverty. Some may call it ‘marginalisation’ or other fancy names but it is still slavery. President Nelson Mandela, a true Muslim, calls it the slavery of poverty.

But in the Ahlul Sunnah theology, in their so called fake hadeeth and fake sunnah (may GOD save us from them) they have clear cut references to slavery. This is an evil satanic belief that the Ahlul Sunnah have inherited from their Biblical fathers.

For example the famous book of Ahlul Sunnah jurisprudence ie the Al Muwatta of Imam Malik has a detailed chapter on SLAVES. Imam Malik tells the Ahlul Sunnah how to buy and sell slaves, how a father can bequeath female slaves to his son (if the father has had sex with the female slave, then the son cannot have sex with them – they can only do housework !!!) and other such satanic teachings.

The Quran tells all human beings (and not just the Muslims) to free the slaves. The Quran lists the freeing of slaves as a part of righteousness.

[Surah 2:177] It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces to the East and the West; but righteous is he who believeth in GOD and the Last Day and the angels and the Scripture and the prophets; and giveth wealth, for love of Him, to kinsfolk and to orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and to those who ask, and to set slaves free; and observeth proper worship and payeth the poor-due. And those who keep their treaty when they make one, and the patient in tribulation and adversity and time of stress. Such are they who are sincere. Such are the GOD-fearing.

This commandment applies to everyone – and not just to the Muslims. Assuming you are someone who considers himself a Muslim and assuming you had some slaves, after reading the Quranic command above you would immediately have to set the slaves free. Otherwise you cannot call yourself a Muslim. You are not righteous. End of slavery. End of discussion.

But the satanic Biblical copycats like Imam Malik can write detailed chapters on how a father and son team can go about having sexual intercourse with their female slaves. That is the satanic Ahlul Sunnah ulema for you, folks.

In another example, the Quran enjoins charity (sadaqah) and even details the purposes of the sadaqah charity - among which is the freeing of the slaves.

[Surah 9:60] “The charities (sadaqah) are only for the poor and the needy, and those who collect them, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the slaves and the debtors, and for the cause of GOD, and (for) the wayfarer; a duty imposed by GOD. GOD is Knower, Wise.”

The purpose of sadaqah or charity is also to free the slaves. It is ridiculous to say that the Prophet allowed slavery (as has been suggested by the satanic ulema ) when the Quran enjoins the collection of alms to free those same slaves.

But the same does not hold for the Ahlul Sunnah or the Shiahs. They allow the capture of slaves, the keeping of slaves, the trading of slaves, sex with slaves, inheriting slaves from father to son and many other kinds of satanic evil. That is the evil of the Ahlul Sunnah for you.

The following is another commandment in the Quran. Again this applies to all human beings and not just to the Muslims:

[an-Nur 24:33] And let those who cannot find a match keep chaste till GOD give them independence by His grace. And such of your slaves as seek a writing (of emancipation), write it for them if ye are aware of aught of good in them, and bestow upon them of the wealth of GOD which He hath bestowed upon you. Force not your slave-girls to whoredom that ye may seek enjoyment of the life of the world, if they would preserve their chastity. And if one force them, then (unto them), after their compulsion, lo! GOD will be Forgiving, Merciful.

If anyone has a slave and the slave asks for their freedom, then we must give them their freedom in writing (IMMEDIATELY) and also give them a share of your money. Not only is the Quran a liberating document, it is sometimes a little socialistic too. Try suggesting this to the Saudis, the Pakistanis, the Sudanese and the Indians etc.

But where do the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah learn this terrible evil about slavery ?
You guessed it folks. It comes straight from the Bible.
[Lev 25:46.20] You may bequeath them to your sons after you, to inherit as a possession for ever; you may make slaves of them, but over your brethren the people of Israel you shall not rule, one over another, with harshness.

There is a frighteningly similar suggestion by Imam Malik in his textbook the Al Muwatta. The Bible also has more suggestions on what to do with slaves

[Lev 25:44.18] As for your male and female slaves whom you may have: you may buy male and female slaves from among the nations that are round about you.

Biblical teaching indeed. You can make slaves of other races around you.
Again this is also practised by the Saudis until today. Their belief is that they can make slaves of other races. Until today the common derogatory term for Pakistani contract workers in Saudi Arabia is ‘abd’ or ‘abdul’ which means slave. This is Ahlul Sunnah slavery for you.

[Lev 22:10] "An outsider shall not eat of a holy thing. A sojourner of the priest's or a hired servant shall not eat of a holy thing;
[Lev 22:11] but if a priest buys a slave as his property for money, the slave may eat of it; and those that are born in his house may eat of his food.

Here the Bible even allows the priests to buy and keep slaves. No doubt the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah have borrowed this idea too.

[Exod 21:32.6] If the ox gores a slave, male or female, the owner shall give to their master thirty shekels of silver, and the ox shall be stoned

Hence the Bible suggests the value of a slave ie thirty shekels of silver.

Right minded christians ignore such teachings of the Bible today (or do they ?) It is too shameful. Satanic. But not the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah. The ulema of Ahlul Sunnah are the best Christians in the whole world. They have abandoned the Quran.


In the religion of Ahlul Sunnah women occupy a low second class position in society. In the Shiah religion, women occupy an even lower rung in the second class citizenship sweepstakes. Why ? This is because the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiahs have adopted really cruel Biblical teachings which aim to put down the women in society.

We know the prescription of the headcover or ‘hijaab’ for women which is an entirely Christian invention found in the Bible in the 1st Book of Corinthians, Chapter 11. Mother Theresa was the best example of a hijaab wearing woman.

These teachings are not found anywhere in the Quran. They are not part of the Prophet’s teachings. These are falsehoods stolen or plagiarised from the Christian Bible and then passed off as part of the religion of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah.

Another example by which the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiahs put down their women is by telling the women that they are unclean when the women are menstruating. The degree of torture on the women varies between the various sects and subsects of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah.

For example, the Ahlul Sunnah say that when a woman is menstruating she cannot pray. A menstruating woman cannot go to the mosque. A menstruating woman cannot touch the Quran. A menstruating woman cannot fast. A menstruating woman cannot perform the haj.

Similarly when a Sunni woman gives birth, she is considered spiritually unclean for varying periods of time usually forty days, 30 days or whatever – depending on which Sunni sect she belongs to. She has many restrictions imposed on her during this time. Such is the false religion of Ahlul Sunnah.

You can never find these false ideas in the Prophet’s true teachings which is the Quran. But where do these strange ideas come from ? Yes sir/madam you guessed it. It all comes from the Christian Bible.

[Lev 12:2] "Say to the people of Israel, If a woman conceives, and bears a male child, then she shall be unclean seven days; as at the time of her menstruation, she shall be unclean.

[Lev 12:4] Then she shall continue for thirty-three days in the blood of her purifying; she shall not touch any hallowed thing, nor come into the sanctuary, until the days of her purifying are completed.

Seven plus thirty three = forty days of uncleanness, exactly the same period of uncleanness prescribed by the Ahlul Sunnah for post delivery mothers.

[Lev 12:5] But if she bears a female child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her menstruation; and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying for sixty-six days.

The discrimination against women starts early. The period of uncleanness if a girl child is born is 80 days.

The Quran does address the issue of the women’s menses. Lets look at the following beautiful and simple teaching of the Quran :

[al-Baqarah 2:222] They question thee (O Prophet) concerning menstruation. Say: It is an illness, so let women alone at such times and go not in unto them till they are cleansed. And when they have purified themselves, then go in unto them as GOD hath enjoined upon you. Truly GOD loveth those who turn unto Him, and loveth those who have a care for cleanness.

The only teaching here in the Quran is that during their menstruation men should not approach women for sex (“and go not in unto them till they are cleansed”) because they are unclean. Why ? Because they are having their period. After they are clean, men can resume their relations with women ( And when they have purified themselves, then go in unto them as GOD hath enjoined upon you).

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. There is a multi billion dollar female hygiene products market that caters exclusively for women’s hygiene. Everyone knows that. Even the non Muslims know this. But having their periods does not prevent women from driving cars, teaching at school, breaking the Olympic record, sailing around the world or cooking for their Sunni husbands.

The false teachings about menstruation are nothing more than a fabrication by their Ahlul Sunnah ulema to impose Biblical teachings upon the Ahlul Sunnah.


The false religion of Ahlul Sunnah believes that one should not make statues of animals and humans. They say that the act of having statues of humans and animals will lead to idol worship. They also disallow the making of woodcarvings, moulds and also the drawing or painting of pictures that have animals or human forms.

Of course with the advent of newspapers, television, videos etc it is a little ridiculous for the Ahlul Sunnah to insist on such foolish beliefs. But the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah have learnt the value of publicity. They will not mind being photographed by the newspapers or being filmed for the television news coverage. It means more money for them. The Ahlul Sunnah ulema of Saudi Arabia have come up with a simple solution to get around the problem of having their ‘graven images’ recorded on photographs. They say that a photograph is just like a mirror that reflects a human beings face. It is just that in a photograph, the image stays. So it is alright.

First they make the silly little rules. Then they find their own even more silly loopholes to break their own silly little rules.

Again you will not find such silly beliefs in the teachings of the Prophet which is the Quran. But you will most definitely find such teachings in the Christian Bible. The Christian Bible calls it the worship of ‘graven images’. It is found in the following verses of the Bible:

[Deut 4:16] beware lest you act corruptly by making a graven image for yourselves, in the form of any figure, the likeness of male or female,

[Deut 4:14] And the LORD commanded me at that time to teach you statutes and ordinances, that you might do them in the land which you are going over to possess.

[Deut 4:15] "Therefore take good heed to yourselves. Since you saw no form on the day that the LORD spoke to you at Horeb out of the midst of the fire,

[Deut 4:16] beware lest you act corruptly by making a graven image for yourselves, in the form of any figure, the likeness of male or female,

[Deut 4:17] the likeness of any beast that is on the earth, the likeness of any winged bird that flies in the air,

[Deut 4:18] the likeness of anything that creeps on the ground, the likeness of any fish that is in the water under the earth.

So the Christians and their religious cousins the Ahlul Sunnah or the Sunnis are not allowed to make graven images of birds, animals, fish, humans and other beings. This is known as Ahlul Sunnah Christianity.

The strange thing is that the Christians do not follow their own Bible’s prohibitions about ‘Graven Images’ anymore. Hence the Catholic churches are full of statues, cherubs, angels, Mary Mother of --- and so on. But the Ahlul Sunnah have taken this Biblical teachings to greater heights. Their so called ‘Ahlul Sunnah’ art has been reduced to nothing more than arabic calligraphy (there is no Chinese or Indian ‘Ahlul Sunnah’ calligraphy) and making geometric patterns because the Ahlul Sunnah have been obeying strictly the Biblical prohibitions on creating ‘Graven Images’ of humans and animals.

But according to the teachings of the Prophet this should not be the case.
No less a person than a Prophet, a Messenger of GOD by the name of Solomon was actively engaged in the making of statues. This is what the Quran says:

[Surah 34:12] And unto Solomon (We gave) the wind, whereof the morning course was a month's journey and the evening course a month's journey, and We caused the fount of copper to gush forth for him, and (We gave him) certain of the jinn who worked before him by permission of his Lord. And such of them as deviated from Our command, them We caused to taste the punishment of flaming Fire.

[Surah 34:13] They made for him what he willed: buildings and STATUES, basins like wells and boilers built into the ground. Give thanks, O House of David! Few of My bondmen are thankful.

GOD gave the Prophet Solomon control over the elements and also control over the jinns (genies). And Solomon commandeered the genies to make for him “buildings and STATUES, basins like wells and boilers built into the ground”.

And for all this Solomon (who was David’s heir) was thankful to his GOD. “Give thanks, O House of David! Few of My bondmen are thankful”.

Hence there is nothing wrong in creating statues, artforms or paintings that have human and animal forms in them. Once again this is just another example of the Biblical teachings that have been absorbed by the Ahlul Sunnah.

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PART 3 –

Hadith plagiarized from the Bible
(Part 3 of 3)


The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiahs are fond of growing beards. They say that this is a good thing to do for men because wearing a beard brings rewards from GOD and also blessings. This is a lie. The Ahlul Sunnah and Shias also shave off their mustache.

Here are some false hadith from Bukhari that talk about growing beards :
Bukhari Book 002, Number 0501:
Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of GOD (may peace be upon him) said: Trim closely the moustache, and grow beard, and thus act against the fire-worshippers.
Bukhari Book 002, Number 0502:
'A'isha reported: The Messenger of GOD (may peace be upon him) said: Ten are the acts according to fitra: clipping the moustache, letting the beard grow, using the tooth-stick, snuffing water in the nose, cutting the nails, washing the finger joints, plucking the hair under the armpits, shaving the pubes and cleaning one's private parts with water. The narrator said: I have forgotten the tenth, but it may have been rinsing the mouth

The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah also have a hadith on crotch shaving. Good hygiene is welcome but there is nothing religious about shaving. There are no magical blessings to be gained by growing beards or shaving one’s crotch.

This is another false idea the Ahlul Sunnah have stolen from the Bible.
Book of Numbers 8:5-7:
"5 Then the LORD said to Moses, 6 ‘Now set the Levites apart from the rest of the people of Israel and make them ceremonially clean. 7 Do this by sprinkling them with the water of purification. And have them shave their entire body and wash their clothing. Then they will be ceremonially clean. . . .’"
New Living Translation, emphasis added
The hadith on beard and crotch-shaving are NOT THE WORD OF ALLAH. They are innovations borrowed from the Christian Bible.
The result is that a lot of Sunnis and Shiahs therefore look exactly like the Amish Christian brothers who also grow their beard and shave off their mustaches.

In Afghanistan this silly Sunni cult behaviour was used by the mad Taleban to enforce racist policies in the country. Afghanistan consists of the Asiatic mongolian type races like the Uzbeks, Tajiks etc. It also has a sizeable number of the Aryan type races like the Pushtuns. The Taleban were the Pushtun type people (Aryans).

There are groups in the north who are mongoloid Asiatics. Asiatics do not have much beards or facial hair. This is how GOD has created the different kinds of people on this earth. (Red Indians and Eskimos for example have almost no facial hair).

So the Pushtuns came out with a ruling that according to Sunnism, all men must grow a full beard. People who cannot grow a full beard are considered as inferior – they can be punished. You can never be a religious leader in Afghanistan if you don’t have a full beard. And during the time of the Taleban if you were not a religious leader – you could not do anything nothing in Afghanistan. So the Asiatics could not do anything in Afghanistan.

With this simple rule the Taleban could discriminate against the Asiatic races in Afghanistan. The Quran does not say anything at all about growing beards or trimming moustaches. So where do these strange Sunni ideas about beards come from ?

You guessed it folks – it comes from the Bible. You cannot ever find such weird cultish behaviour in the Quran. These are all Biblical ideas stolen from the Christian Bible. This is Ahlul Sunnah Christianity. Here are the Bible teachings about beards :

[Lev 19:27] You shall not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard.

[Lev 21:5.16] They shall not make tonsures upon their heads, nor shave off the edges of their beards, nor make any cuttings in their flesh.

You shall not even cut your beard. A lot of Rasputin types running around. Then there is also a story of some men who were forcefully shaved.

[2nd Samuel 10:5] When it was told David, he sent to meet them, for the men were greatly ashamed. And the king said, "Remain at Jericho until your beards have grown, and then return."

Here it is a shame not to have a beard. A bit of Taleban Afghanistan here.

To the Christians today these are not issues at all. The Christians have long ago decided NOT to listen to their Bible (otherwise there would be a bunch of beardos running around – probably wearing robes as well)

Few of the Christians today really follow their own Bible. But the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah wear their beards just like the Bible tells them. They have stolen these strange ideas from the Bible. You can never find this in the Quran. The Ahlul Sunnahs and the Shiahs are the best Christians in the world today.


To continue with the Sources of the Religion of Ahlus Sunnah and Shiah, in the Sunni religion, the people are taught to say Amen at the end of their du'a or prayers. They also say Amen at the end of reciting the Surah Fatiha which is the first chapter of the Quran and which is recited in their five daily prayers. This is a short chapter of seven verses only. The Sunnis and Shiahs will recite the last seventh verse of this chapter as follows :
'Waladholleen Aameen'.
Firstly there is NO 'Ameen' at the end of Surah Fatiha. The ulema have tried to improve on GOD’s revelation. They are smarter than GOD so they have added the Ameen at the end of the chapter.
Also at the end of every du'a or prayer the people are required to say Ameen behind the imam or priest. Again this is not the practise of the Prophet. Believe me I have searched the whole Quran and there is NOT even once where Ameen is found in the Quran. Again my point is proven THAT THERE IS NOT ONE THING THAT THE SUNNIS AND SHIAHS DO IN THEIR RELIGION WHICH IS TAKEN EXACTLY FROM THE QURAN.
In this case of the Amen, it is simply not found in the Quran at all.
Where do these ideas come from ? If GOD did not reveal this Amen to the Prophet where did the ulema get this idea about the Amen ? Again the answer lies in the Christian Bible. Here it is. See for yourself where the Sunnis and Shiahs have plagiarised their Amen. It is from the Bible.
Bible, Book of Deuteronomy 27 : 15 - 26
15 "Cursed is the man who carves an image or casts an idol-a thing detestable to the LORD , the work of the craftsman's hands-and sets it up in secret." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
16 "Cursed is the man who dishonors his father or his mother." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
17 "Cursed is the man who moves his neighbor's boundary stone." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
18 "Cursed is the man who leads the blind astray on the road." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
19 "Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
20 "Cursed is the man who sleeps with his father's wife, for he dishonors his father's bed." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
21 "Cursed is the man who has sexual relations with any animal." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
22 "Cursed is the man who sleeps with his sister, the daughter of his father or the daughter of his mother." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
23 "Cursed is the man who sleeps with his mother-in-law." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
24 "Cursed is the man who kills his neighbor secretly."
Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
25 "Cursed is the man who accepts a bribe to kill an innocent person." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"
26 "Cursed is the man who does not uphold the words of this law by carrying them out." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"

Amen indeed. Dear readers who are Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah, the next time you stand in prayer behind any imam and you have to say Amen at the end of the Surah Fatiha remember that you are a follower of Biblical teachings. Remember that GOD never revealed this word Amen to the Prophet.
This Amen is a Christian teaching. Again we prove that the Sunnis and Shiahs are actually following the Christians. They are obeying the Christians ‘attiu nasara’. They are NOT obeying the Rasul 'attiiu Rasul'.


In the religion of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah, they also hang holy arabic writing on the wall.

(If the Quran had been revealed in Japanese - we would have Japanese Calligraphy all over the walls. ) The Ahlul Sunnah hang up the Arabic ‘holy’ words GOD, Muhammad and verses from the Quran on the walls of houses, in the mosques, inside their cars, at the entrance to their homes and everywhere.

The Shiahs also hang up the name of Ali.

The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah also write arabic writing on pieces of paper and hang it on their necks, tie to their waist, tie to their wrists, carry it in their wallets and so on. When Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah fanatics run wild in the streets they tie the holy arabic writing around their foreheads. We have seen all this on TV.

Almost every Ahlul Sunnah house will have some arabic holy writing hanging over the entrance or just inside the house. They think this will bring them blessings, avoid bad luck, chase away evil and other such things.

ALL this is a major sin - a blasphemy which the Ahlul Sunnah are committing. But they do not know because they never follow the Quran. And what do they follow, dear reader ? You guessed it - they follow the Christian Bible.

The major heresy which the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah commit is hanging another name (Muhammad) beside the name of GOD in the mosque, in their houses etc. This is an idea stolen from the Bible. The Bible says:

[Deut 6: 6] And these words which I command you this day shall be upon your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. And you shall T I E THEM as a sign upon your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes (TIE on your forehead).

[Deut 6: 9] And you shall WRITE THEM on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

The Bible teaches the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah to tie the holy words on their wrists, their foreheads, tie it to the doorposts and the entrance to the house. This is another teaching that the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah follow from the Christian Bible.

The purpose of putting holy writing on the wall, according to the Bible is to attract blessings:

[Deut 11:20 - 21 ] And you shall WRITE THEM UPON the doorposts of your house and upon your gates, that your days and the days of your children may be multiplied in the land which the LORD swore to your fathers to give them, as long as the heavens are above the earth.

This is exactly what the Ahlul Sunnah and Shia say - hanging up arabic writing on the wall will bring blessings, good luck, good fortune, angel visitations and other such things.

Again these are examples of more teachings from the Bible which are being followed by the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah. These are not part of Islam (which simply means submission). There is no such thing in the Quran. The best Christians in the world today are the Ahlul Sunnahs and Shias. They have established the Christian Biblical kingdom.


Among the more complicated inventions of the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah is the zakat taxes or religious tithes. Once again this is a strange concept to the Quran. The Quran never teaches anyone to collect or to pay any religious taxes or religious charity called zakat.

The word zakat appears over 80 times in the Quran but it has nothing to do with taxes or charity. Zakat literally means purification – NOT taxation or CHARITY. The correct words for charity in the Quran are sadaqah and nafkah.
Sadaqah is explained in much detail in the Quran (how much, who gets it etc). But there is no such detail for paying zakat as charity or paying zakat as taxes in the Quran.

Once again this is an idea which the Ahlul Sunnah have stolen from the Bible. Here are some Biblical references :

"Will a man rob GOD? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings." (Mal.3:Cool

So if you do not pay your religious tithes, you are robbing GOD, says the Bible. A clever way of making sure the priests get their money.

Some Bible commentators say, “The tithe is the tenth of one's income, which the righteous have always devoted to the Lord. Some teach that tithing belonged only to the time of the Law of Moses, therefore, does not apply to the Church. Yet, long before the Law was ever given, we read that Abraham - the Biblical "type" of the believer - paid tithes to Melchizedek, the type of Christ (Ps.110). "If Abraham were your father, ye would do the works of Abraham" , said Jesus in John 8:39”

So according to the Bible the righteous should pay the Lord his tithes or zakat payments. The Bible has more details about the payment of taxes to ‘The Lord’. Of course you cant pay the money directly to GOD. You pay the priest in the church.

This is similar to what the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah say too. They have developed complex rules of zakat religious tithes. The Ahlul Sunnah say “Zakat is obligatory when a certain amount of money, called the nisab is reached or exceeded. Zakat is not obligatory if the amount owned is less than this nisab. The nisab (or minimum amount) of gold and golden currency is 20 mithqal, this is approximately 85 grams of pure gold. One mithqal is approximately 4.25 grams. The nisab of silver and silver currency is 200 dirhams, which is approximately 595 grams of pure silver. The nisab of other kinds of money and currency is to be scaled to that of gold, 85 grams of pure gold. This means that the nisab of money is the price of 85 grams of 999-type (pure) gold, on the day in which Zakat is paid”.

According to the Ahlul Sunnah it is obligatory to pay Zakat on the following things:

1. Wheat , Barley Dates , Raisins , Gold , Silver , Camel , Cow , Sheep (including goat)

2. As an obligatory precaution, upon the wealth in business

And if a person is the owner of any of these ten things he should, in accordance with the conditions which will be mentioned later, put their fixed quantity to one of the uses as prescribed. On the basis of obligatory precaution, Zakat should be paid on Sult, which is a soft, grain like wheat with the property of barley and on 'alas, which is like wheat, and is the food of the people of San'a (Yemen).“

This is the concept of religious tithes which the Ahlul Sunnah have plagiarized from the Christian Bible. Again the complexity of the zakat religious tithes is too similar to what is written in the Bible about religious tithes :

[Lev 27:30] "All the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the trees, is the LORDs; it is holy to the LORD. [Lev 27:31] If a man wishes to redeem any of his tithe, he shall add a fifth to it. [Lev 27:32] And all the tithe of herds and flocks, every tenth animal of all that pass under the herdsman's staff, shall be holy to the LORD.

[Lev 27:33] A man shall not inquire whether it is good or bad, neither shall he exchange it; and if he exchanges it, then both it and that for which it is exchanged shall be holy; it shall not be redeemed." The Bible has more details on the computation of religious taxes for example how much silver to pay for different people (adults, old man, children etc)

[Lev 27:3] then your valuation of a male from twenty years old up to sixty years old shall be fifty shekels of silver, according to the shekel of the sanctuary.

[Lev 27:4] If the person is a female, your valuation shall be thirty shekels.

[Lev 27:5] If the person is from five years old up to twenty years old, your valuation shall be for a male twenty shekels, and for a female ten shekels.

[Lev 27:6] If the person is from a month old up to five years old, your valuation shall be for a male five shekels of silver, and for a female your valuation shall be three shekels of silver.

[Lev 27:7] And if the person is sixty years old and upward, then your valuation for a male shall be fifteen shekels, and for a female ten shekels.

According to Ahlul Sunnah they have a similar table for religious taxes for adults and children. Every year before the Eidul Fitr prayers, the Ahlul Sunnah rush to pay their ‘zakat fitrah’ for each member of their household. This is taken from the Bible – Leviticus.

The Ahlul Sunnah are also required to pay a religious tax or zakat on their land and houses. Again this is taken from the Bible:

[Lev 27:14] "When a man dedicates his house to be holy to the LORD, the priest shall value it as either good or bad; as the priest values it, so it shall stand.

[Lev 27:15] And if he who dedicates it wishes to redeem his house, he shall add a fifth of the valuation in money to it, and it shall be his.

[Lev 27:16] "If a man dedicates to the LORD part of the land which is his by inheritance, then your valuation shall be according to the seed for it; a sowing of a homer of barley shall be valued at fifty shekels of silver.

[Lev 27:17] If he dedicates his field from the year of jubilee, it shall stand at your full valuation;

[Lev 27:26] "But a firstling of animals, which as a firstling belongs to the LORD, no man may dedicate; whether ox or sheep, it is the LORDs. [Lev 27:27] And if it is an unclean animal, then he shall buy it back at your valuation, and add a fifth to it; or, if it is not redeemed, it shall be sold at your valuation.

[Lev 27:28] "But no devoted thing that a man devotes to the LORD, of anything that he has, whether of man or beast, or of his inherited field, shall be sold or redeemed; every devoted thing is most holy to the LORD.

As stated above these complex rules of religious tithes in the Bible are too similar to the complex rules of zakat which the Sunnis have worked out. Thay have copied it from the Bible. Truly the Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah are the best Christians. They follow what is written in the Bible. They do not follow what is written in the Quran.

The Sunni Christians say : “If a person remains the owner of cow, sheep, camel, gold and silver for 11 months, the payment of Zakat becomes obligatory for him from the first of the 11th month; but he should calculate the beginning of the new year after the end of the 12th month”.

Other details on zakat by the Sunnis is as follows:

“Payment of Zakat on wheat and barley becomes obligatory when they are recognised as wheat and barley. And Zakat on raisins becomes obligatory when they call them grapes. And Zakat on dates becomes obligatory when Arabs call it Tamar. However, the time for determining the taxable limit, and payment of Zakat on wheat and barley is when they are threshed, and grains are separated from chaff; and the time for payment of Zakat on raisins and dates is when they are plucked. This is also known as the time of drying up”.

Once again this is Sunnism plagiarized from the Bible. It comes directly from the Christian Bible. There is no such thing as zakat taxes or zakat charity in the Quran which was revealed to the Prophet. The Ahlul Sunnah have plagiarised these Christian ideas from the Christian Bible and try to pass it off as the prophet’s teachings.


I would like to address this short chapter to the Shiahs. The ulema have fooled all the people – the Shiahs as well as the Ahlul Sunnah. Among the Shiah groups the Ahlul Bayt is quite something to talk about. By Ahlul Bayt they mean members of the Prophet’s household. The Shia ulema claim that the Ahlul Bayt are specially protected. This is in direct contradiction with the Quran which mentions the Ahlul Bayt around the Prophet as people NEEDING purification from uncleanness and ignorance, and not as people who are pure at all.
The Shiah go to extreme lengths to quote things to promote the status of the Ahlul Bayt. They say that Ahlul Bayt refers to the Prophet's daughter someone allegedly by the name of Fatima who was married to someone by the name of Ali.

There is much argument about this person called Ali, someone else called Muawiya and someone else called Uthman who is believed to be murdered by people who were friendly towards Ali.

It is however surprising that Uthman was also supposed to be married to another of the Prophet's alleged daughters called Umm Kalthum - yet the family of Uthman and Umm Kalthum are not included among the so called Ahlul Bayt or members of the Prophet’s household !

Why are only Ali and his wife Fatima and their children and grandchildren included among the so called Ahlul Bayt but not the family of Uthman and Umm Kalthum and their children etc ? This is a double standard.

Anyway there appears to be some misunderstanding about this Ahlul Bayt.

Firstly Bayt in the Quran does NOT mean a house. Bayt means a system. The word for house in the Quran (believe it or not - is buyut - singular). Contrary to orthodox intrepretation buyut is NOT plural of bayt.

But for the sake of this discussion, those who say bayt means house, can still use that definition. It is not correct but it still fits into the logic of the point I am raising here. The word Ahlul Bayt appears elsewhere in the Quran too. Here is a reference to Ahlul Bayt and the family of Abraham.

[Surah 11.71] And his (Abrahams') wife was standing (by), so she laughed, then We gave her the good news of Ishaq and after Ishaq of Yaqoub.
[Surah 11.72] She said: O wonder! shall I bear a son when I am an extremely old woman and this my husband an extremely old man? Most surely this is a wonderful thing.
[Surah 11.73] They said: Do you wonder at GOD’s bidding? The mercy of GOD and His blessings are on you, O ahlul bayt, surely He is Praised, Glorious

So here we have GOD calling Abraham's family ahlul bayt or 'people of the system'. Abraham and his family were part of the earliest system that GOD established for mankind (see surah 3:96).

For those who say ahlul bayt in this verse means 'people of the house' its alright - but only for the sake of argument and so as not to disrupt your train of thought.

Now we come to the famous reference in verse 33 of Surah al Ahzab which is quoted often by the Shiah school as evidence of the so called elevated status of the Ahlul Bayt.

Here is a correct rendering of the verse and it is quite shocking.

Please read slowly and carefully. We have to see the context from the preceding verses. We start from Surah 33:32.

[Surah 33.32] O wives of the Prophet! you are not like any other of the women; If you will be on your guard, then be not soft in (your) speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease yearn; and speak a good word

Here is the Arabic transliteration :
Surah 33:32. Ya nisaa alnnabiyyi lastunna kaahadin mina alnnisa-i ini ittaqaytunna fala takhdaAAna bialqawli fayatmaAAa allathee fee qalbihi maradun waqulna qawlan maAAroofan
Here the verse 33:32 tells the wives of the Prophet that they are different from other women. They must maintain a certain decorum.
Here is the next verse :
[Surah 33.33] And stay in your houses and do not display your finery like the displaying of the earlier ignorance (jahiliyah al oola) ; and uphold your obligations, and purify yourself, and obey GOD and His Apostle. surely GOD only desires to keep you away from the uncleanness of the people of the system! and to purify you a (thorough) purifying.
Here is the Arabic transliteration :
Surah 33: 33 “Waqarna fee buyootikunna wala tabarrajna tabarruja aljahiliyyati al-oola waaqimna alssalata waateena alzzakata waatiAAna Allaha warasoolahu innama yureedu Allahu liyuthhiba AAankumu alrrijsa ahla albayti wayutahhirakum tatheeran
Please pay close attention to the Arabic and the structure of the sentence in heavy bold above :
innama = surely
yureedu Allahu = desires GOD
liyuthhiba = to keep away / move
AAankumu = you all
alrrijsa = the uncleanness of
ahla albayti = the people of the system
wayutahhirakum = and to purify you
tatheeran = thoroughly purifying

In Surah 33:33 GOD tells the Prophet's wives that they must give up their earlier ways of jahiliyah behaviour (jahiliyah al oola). They cannot display their beauty like they used to during their earlier days of jahiliyah. Now GOD has moved them to a new system by giving them a new decorum and conduct in their daily lives.
And unmistakably GOD tells the prophet's wives that He "desires to move them away from the uncleanness of the 'ahlul bayt'" (li yuthiba ankumu al rijaasa ahlul bayt) and to purify them.
The Prophet's wives were previously of the ahlul bayt or the system of the jahiliyah. Now GOD wants to purify them and get them OUT of that ahlul bayt. The Arabic is unmistakable.
For the sake of argument, even if you insist that bayt means 'house' thats fine. GOD is saying He wants to move the Prophet's wives AWAY from the uncleanness of the Ahlul Bayt. Not move them INTO the uncleanness of the Ahlul Bayt !!
The Ahlul Bayt in this verse are DIRTY and UNCLEAN. GOD therefore wants to purify them FROM this unclean Ahlul Bayt.
But most ironically and also comically the ulema of shiah quote this same verse to put Fatimah, Ali and their children (but strangely not Umm Kalthum, Uthman and their children) INTO the ahlul bayt.
Here is a typically mistaken rendering of this verse even by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.
Surah 33 : 33 And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance; and establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey GOD and His Messenger. And GOD only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless (Abdullah Yususf Ali).

According to Abdullah Yusuf Ali, " yureedullaahu li yuthiba ankumu al rijaasa ahlul bayt" means 'GOD only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family'. This is wrong.

The correct rendering by Yusuf Ali should be 'GOD only wishes to remove you from the abomination of the people of the system'.

GOD is telling the Prophet's wives He wants to purify them from the abomination of their earlier jahiliyah. What this means is that the whole concept of 'ahlul bayt' that has been made into huge mountains and that has caused so much confusion and anger between shiahs and sunnis for generations is actually a simple misreading and misunderstanding of some very simple arabic.


By this time many Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah will accuse me of rejecting their fake hadith, khabar and sunna. The surprising thing is I have suffered this accusation from all parties ie the Sunnis, the Shiahs, the Ahmadiyas, the Wahhabis, the Salafis, the Tareqahs, the Tablighis, the Ismailis and the Christians. In my Internet career to promote the message of the Quran I have been summarily kicked out of discussion lists and websites of all the sects, cults and religions I have listed above. The funny thing is (yes it is funny) they all reject each others hadith also. When taken in total what this means is that among themselves, ALL their hadith are completely rejected.

As an example if the Ahlul Sunnah have three hadeeth and the Shiah have three khabar or hadeeth - and both of them reject each others hadeeth, in totality all their hadeeth / khabar have been rejected by the both of them. Then comes along someone like me who rejects all their six hadeeth or khabar and what happens ? Both of them jump at me for rejecting both their hadeeth or khabar, while they are oblivious of the fact that they have already completely rejected each other’s hadith.

In this chapter I would like to speak about the so called Battle of Jamal or battle of the Camel and the Battle of Siffin that is supposed to have taken place between the forces of a woman called Aishah (who they say was one of the Prophet’s wives), a fellow by the name of Muawiyah and another person by the name of Ali who they say was the Prophet’s son in law. According to the falsehood of the ulema this was the time of the so called great fitnah (fitnah al qubra). This is the great fight which created the murderous split between the Sunnis and the Shiahs until this day.

I have no evidence to tell me that this woman called Aishah or this person called Muawiyah or Ali even existed. I will certainly prove here from the Quran that the ‘historical events’ recorded about these names are all fake, totally fake.

Firstly the Prophet is supposed to have married this woman called Aishah when she was six years old. This evil story makes the Prophet a paedophile.

Realising that they have made the Prophet of Islam a paedophile, the fake hadeeth writers then concocted the story that although the Prophet married Aishah at age 6 years, he only consummated his marriage with her later when she reached the age of nine or sixteen or whatever ie when she had reached puberty. This is the fake story they want us to believe about this episode.

This topic is discussed in detail elsewhere in this book.

But the story goes that after the death of another person called Uthman, the so called third Caliph, this Aishah wanted her own friend / relatives to become the Caliph. This would go against the appointment of the fourth Caliph, another character by the name of Ali. Another character Muawiyah had also declared himself the Caliph in Syria.

To make a long story short, it became all out war. Muawiyah on one side and Ali on the other side at the Battle of Siffin. Then Aishah on one side and Ali on the other side at the Battle of Jamal.

Aishah and Ali clashed at the Battle of Jamal or the Battle of the Camels. Here is one account of this fiction (taken from the Internet - there are dozens of sites available)

The Battle of Jamal :

“Ayesha, the widow of the Holy Prophet (S), was in Makka for the pilgrimage when Uthman was killed. She had always expected either Talha or Zubayr to succeed him and when she heard of Imam Ali's (A) appointment as Caliph, she was very upset.”

She managed to recruit the support of the powerful clan of Bani Umayyah, to whom Uthman had belonged. The ex-governors of Uthman, who had been replaced by Imam Ali (A), also joined her and the ex-governor of Yemen provided her with the means of financing her war by giving her the treasure he had stolen from Yemen when he was deposed. Talha and Zubayr also joined her, in spite of their oath of allegiance to Imam Ali (A). A large number of aimless drifters were also paid to enlist in the army.

The preparations of war having been completed, Ayesha's army proceeded to Basra. Before leaving, she had asked Umme Salma, a faithful widow of the Holy Prophet (S), to accompany her. Umme Salma had indignantly refused, reminding Ayesha that the Holy Prophet (S) had said that Imam Ali (A) was his successor and whoever disobeyed him, disobeyed the Holy Prophet (S) himself. She also reminded her of the time when he had addressed all his wives saying that the dogs of Hawab would bark at one of his wives, who would be part of a rebellious mob. She then warned Ayesha not to be fooled by the words of Talha and Zubayr who would only entangle her in wrong deeds. This advice had a sobering effect on Ayesha, who almost gave up her plan. However, her adopted son, Abdallah bin Zubayr, convinced her to go ahead.”

And here is a fictional account of the Battle of Siffin

“In Syria, disorder and incitement to commotion continued unabated. Uthman's shirt, besmeared with his blood and the chopped-off fingers of his wife, Naila, were exhibited from the pulpit. In this manner, Muawiya raised the entire country of Syria against Ali. Ultimately, both the parties, opposed to each other, converged on Siffin where their armies pitched their camps in 37/657. Even at this stage, Ali sent three men, viz. Bashir bin Amr bin Mahz Ansari, Saeed bin Qais Hamdani, and Shis bin Rabiee Tamini to Muawiya to induce him to settle for union, accord and coming together. According to Tabari (5h vol., p. 243), Muawiya replied that, "Go away from here, only the sword will decide between us."

About fighting against the enemy and more importantly about identifying WHO is the enemy – GOD makes it very clear to the Prophet in the Quran.

[8.55] Surely the vilest of animals in GOD’s sight are those who disbelieve, then they would not believe.

[8.56] Those with whom you make an agreement, then they break their agreement every time and they do not guard (against punishment).

[8.57] Therefore if you overtake them in fighting, then scatter by (making an example of) them those who are in their rear, that they may be mindful.

[8.58] And if you fear treachery on the part of a people, then throw back to them on terms of equality; surely GOD does not love the treacherous.

[8.59] And let not those who disbelieve think that they shall come in first; surely they will not escape.

The enemy are the disbelievers.

[8.60] And prepare against them what force you can and horses tied at the frontier, to frighten thereby the enemy of GOD and your enemy and others besides them, whom you do not know (but) GOD knows them; and whatever thing you will spend in GOD’s way, it will be paid back to you fully and you shall not be dealt with unjustly.

Again the enemy is identified - they are the disbelievers.

[8.61] And if they incline to peace, then incline to it and trust in GOD; surely He is the Hearing, the Knowing.

If they sue for peace, then trust in GOD and accept the peace. Now please read the following verses carefully :

8.62] And if they intend to deceive you -- then surely GOD is sufficient for you; He it is Who strengthened you with His help and with the believers

[8.63] And united their hearts; had you spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, but GOD united them; surely He is Mighty, Wise.

[8.64] O Prophet! GOD is sufficient for you and the believers that follow you.

The belivers fight wars against the disbelievers. They do NOT fight wars against fellow believers. GOD has strengthened the Prophet with the believers. This would be the companions, the Prophet’s wives etc. GOD says He has united their hearts. This is in the past tense which means GOD has already united their hearts.

In the Quran, GOD says ‘Al haqq min al Rabbiq’ which means ‘the Truth is from GOD’. So when god says (USING THE PAST TENSE) that He has united their hearts this is a Haqq or statement of Truth from GOD.

If the Prophet at that time or anyone of us reading the Quran today had any doubts about this, then GOD reiterates the position: “had you spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, but GOD united them; surely He is Mighty, Wise”.

So please accept it as solid, undeniable fact that the believers (the so called companions) who were with the Prophet were a group of people whose hearts were totally united.

But the evil and fake hadeeth writers would have us believe that what GOD says in the Quran is just fake. They would have us believe that GOD is just kidding us when He tells us that He has united the hearts of the believers. This was only good for say a couple of years or a few more years.

According to them as soon as the Prophet died, it became a bar brawl. The believers whose hearts had been united by god started kicking, spitting, killing and maiming each other. GOD was just pulling a fast one on us all when He said He has united the hearts of the believers.

And even a so called wife of the Prophet by the name of Aisha was involved in the brawl.

GOD also lays down the LAW about the relationship between the Prophet, his wives and the believers. Please read for yourselves :

[Surah 33.6] The Prophet has a greater claim on the believers than they have on themselves, and his WIVES ARE AS THEIR MOTHERS; and the possessors of relationship have the better claim in the ordinance of GOD to inheritance, one with respect to another, than (other) believers, and (than) those who have fled (their homes), except that you do some good to your friends; this is written in the Book.

The Prophet’s wives are like mothers to the believers. Such is their high status. Yet the fake hadeeth writers will have us believe that ‘the mother of the Believers’ by the name of Aishah together with some Believers went tooth and nail against other Believers ‘whose hearts GOD had united’ (8:63). The say about Aishah : when she heard of Imam Ali's (A) appointment as Caliph, she was very upset .

In other words when GOD says that ‘He has united their hearts. Even if you spent all your wealth, you could not have united them but GOD has united their hearts’ actually GOD was lying. He was pulling a fast one on us all.

According to the Ahlul Sunnah ulema when GOD says the Prophets wives are like ‘mothers’ to the believers, GOD was also just kidding. According to them even a ‘mother of believers’ could lead a war to cut off the heads of other believers - her own children.

The Dogs of Hawab.
In an attempt to lend some credence to this fake story, the writers of the fake hadeeth created another fake hadeeth.

“She (Umme Salama) also reminded her (Aisha) of the time when he (Prophet) had addressed all his wives saying that the dogs of Hawab would bark at one of his wives, who would be part of a rebellious mob.

Here is another narration of this story of the Dogs of Hawab I found on the Internet:

“The story of the dogs of Hawab is not narrated in the nine Sunni books (Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Al-Nisa’ei, Ibn Majah, Al-Turmithi, Abu Dawood, Mowati’a Imam Malik, Musnad Ahmed and Al-Darumi) except in Musnad Ahmed. Ahmed narrated two versions of the story. Also, the story is found in Saheeh Ibn Habban, Al-Mustadrik by Al-Hakim, and in history books”.
The story goes as follows :

“Isma’eel narrated from Qays who said, ‘When Aysha approached the waters of Bani A’amir, she heard some dogs barking. Aysha asked, ‘What is the location of these waters?’ She was answered, ‘This is the waters of the Howab.’ Then she said, ‘I am going back!’ Some of the people with her said, ‘No, you should go on. Then the Muslims would see you and GOD would make peace between them.’ Then she said again, ‘I heard that the Prophet peace be upon him said, ‘Then what would you (the wives of the Prophet) do when you hear the barking of Al-Howab dogs?’’ "
The Prophet peace be upon him said one time to his wives, “Which one of you would be barked at by the dogs of Al-Howab?” This showed dispraise, but it did not mean dispraise itself.
And when the Prophet peace be upon him passed away, and after the years of the caliphate of Abu Bakr, Omar, and Uthman, and the affliction happened, and people killed the innocent Uthman, then Talha, Al-Zubair, and some Muslim agreed to go to Iraq and to persuade the people of Iraq to avenge from the killers of Uthman. The Companions asked the caliph Ali Bin Abi Talib to execute the killers of Uthman, but Ali refused fearing to agitate more afflictions. So Talha and Al-Zubair sought the help of the people of Iraq by asking the help of Aysha, the mother of the believers. If Aysha came along, Talha and Al-Zubair reasoned, then the people of Iraq would listen to them”.

According to all these fake hadiths, the Prophet has become a soothsayer or fortune teller. According to the fake hadith the Prophet had predicted that one of his wives would lead a rebellion. And the dogs of Hawab would bark. This story is too ridiculous but analyse it we will. Firstly among the animals, cats meow, camels do the camel thing and cows moo but the Prophet’s soothsaying into the unseen future had picked out dogs. And he could see that the dogs would bark. We are expected to believe that the prophet could also see into the future and locate the place where this would happen ie a place called Hawab. Yet the Prophet could not tell which one of his wives would be leading the rebellion. That part of the vision was a little cloudy !

This is an evil lie and slander against the Prophet. The Prophet could never see the unseen, look into the future or pick out villages where dogs would bark. About his soothsaying or fortune telling abilities the Prophet taught us the following :

[Surah 7:188] Say: I do not control any benefit or harm for my own soul except as GOD please; and had I known the unseen I would have had much of good and no evil would have touched me; I am nothing but a warner and the giver of good news to a people who believe

Other translators say ‘had I known the unseen I would have profited myself’.

The Prophet could never see into the future. If he could then surely he would have told this terrible future events very accurately to his beloved wife (Aisha?), to his believeing sahaba (Muawiyah?) to his beloved son in law (Ali ?) so that no calamity would befall his beloved wife, companions and family members.

Again the Prophet was no soothsayer. Not only could he not know the unseen but he could never see into the future.

Surah 52:29 “Therefore continue to remind, for by the grace of your Lord, you are not a soothsayer, or a madman”

The Prophet was not a soothsayer. It was not his job to predict what would happen in the future. And the following verses too:

Surah 69: 39 – 47

But nay! I swear by that which you see, And that which you do not see.
Most surely, it is the Word brought by an honored Apostle, And it is not the word of a poet; little is it that you believe; Nor the word of a soothsayer; little is it that you mind. It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. And if he had fabricated against Us some of the sayings, We would certainly have seized him by the right hand, Then We would certainly have cut off his aorta. And not one of you could have withheld Us from him.

The Quran is very threatening here. Again it says that the Prophet was not a soothsayer. If the Prophet had attempted to say anything other than the Quran and then claimed that it was also from GOD, then GOD says he would have killed the Prophet of Islam. And no one could have helped the Prophet. The Prophet could not have made soothsayer type predictions that the Dogs of Hawwab would bark at one of his wives. All this talk about the dogs of Hawab is just a lie. Its all fake.

So in short, the Believers whose hearts GOD had united did not go to war with each other. There were no barking dogs at a place called Hawab and neither did the Prophet make any predictions about the dogs.

The Battle of Jamal and the Battle of Siffin never happened. All these stories are just fake.


As I have stated earlier the alternate title for this book can be ‘It is NOT stated in the Quran’. As I have stated already there is NOT one thing which the Ahlul Sunnah or Shiah practice that can be traced inside the Quran – NOT ONE. We have already seen that even the famous cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ CANNOT be found in the Quran. The Sunnis cry ‘Allahu Akbar’ which according to them means ‘GOD is Great’. This is actually a trick and an insult by the enemies of Islam because “Allahu Akbar” actually means ‘GOD is Old’. The Sunnis say ‘Akbar’ is one of the names of GOD but the fact is this name ‘Akbar’ CANNOT be found inside the Quran as GOD’s name. It is NOT stated in the Quran.
What is more interesting is that the Sunnis have invented their famous list of ninety nine ‘Beautiful Names of GOD’ which they call the ‘Asmaul Husna’. Yet even inside this invented Asmaul Husna there is no occurrence of the name ‘Akbar’. The Sunnis forgot to include ‘Akbar’ inside their Asmaul Husna ! What a lark.
Here is one more item that can be added to the list of ‘It is NOT stated in the Quran’. This is the Treaty of Hudhaybiyah. Not only is it not stated but the so called Treaty Of Hudhaybiyah which the Sunnis have conjured up contradicts the Quran totally. Here is simple proof.
The so called Treaty of Hudaybiyah that plays such a large part in Sunni theology is a fake. It is also another false hadeeth that slanders the good name of the Prophet. This Treaty never took place between the Prophet of Islam and anyone else. It is entirely a fake story.
Here are my reasons why. The Treaty of Hudhaybiyah is a concoction which talks about some agreement between the Prophet and the disbelievers (some so called Quraysh). Firstly let me reproduce for you the Treaty of Hudaybiyah which I have taken from an Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah website.
In drawing up the treaty, the Messenger of GOD summoned ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib and told him to write, "In the name of GOD, ar-Rahman ar-Raheem." Suhayl said, "Hold it! I do not recognise ar-Rahman ar-Raheem, but write ‘In your name, O my Lord’." The Messenger of GOD told ‘Ali to write the latter and he did so. Then he said, "Write ‘This is what Muhammad the Messenger of GOD has agreed with Suhayl ibn ‘Amr’." Suhayl said, "Hold it! If I witnessed that you were GOD’s Messenger I would not have fought you. Write your own name and the name of you father." The Messenger of GOD said, "Write ‘This is what Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah has agreed with Suhayl ibn ‘Amr’." After these opening lines the treaty between the two sides was written comprising the following clauses:
1. To lay aside from war and refrain from hostilities during the period of the truce.
2. If anyone from Quraysh embraced Islam and came to Muhammad without the permission of his guardian, he would return him to them, and if anyone from those with Muhammad came to Quraysh they need not return him to Muhammad.
3. Whosoever wished from amongst the Arabs to enter into an alliance with Muhammad could do so, and he who wished to enter into an alliance with Quraysh could do so.
4. The Muslims and Muhammad’s companions had to retire from Makkah that year to return the following year when they would be free to enter Makkah and stay there three nights. They would be allowed to carry swords in their sheaths and nothing more.
5. The treaty was for a limited period of time, ten years from the date of its conclusion.
Let us focus on point number 2 of this treaty :
2. “If anyone from Quraysh embraced Islam and came to Muhammad without the permission of his guardian, he would return him to them, and if anyone from those with Muhammad came to Quraysh they need not return him to Muhammad.”
This point exposes the fraud and the falsehood of this so called Treaty of Hudyabiyah. This point alone is sufficient to demonstrate that this treaty never happened in history. It is all fake. What this fake treaty says is that if anyone from the disbelievers embraced Islam (and thus became believers) without the permission of his guardian and crossed over to Islam then the Prophet was obliged to send them back to the disbelievers.
But in the Quran, GOD and the Rasul say the exact opposite. Here are the relevant verses:
Surah 60 : 10. O ye who believe! When there come to you believing women refugees, examine them: GOD knows best as to their Faith: if ye ascertain that they are Believers, then send them not back to the Unbelievers. They are not lawful for the Unbelievers, nor are the (Unbelievers) lawful for them. But pay the Unbelievers what they have spent, and there will be no blame on you if ye marry them on payment of their dower to them. But hold not to the guardianship of unbelieving women: ask for what ye have spent on their dowers, and let the (Unbelievers) ask for what they have spent. Such is the command of GOD. He judges between you. And GOD is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom.
Pay close attention to these words “Such is the command of GOD” - thalikum hukmu Allahi .
These are GOD’s commands. Certainly women who are refugees have most definitely run away from someone (meaning without the permission of their guardians or their folk). If any such women run away from the disbelievers and come over to the side of Islam, then the command of GOD (hukmu Allaah) is that they shall not be returned to the disbelievers.
But the fake Treaty of Hudaybiyah says : . If anyone from Quraysh embraced Islam and came to Muhammad without the permission of his guardian, he would return him to them, and if anyone from those with Muhammad came to Quraysh they need not return him to Muhammad.
The fake story of this Treaty of Hudaybiyah makes a fool and a heretic of the good Prophet. This fake hadeeth has the Prophet entering into a treaty that is exactly opposite of what GOD COMMANDED (HUKUM) in the Quran.
Here is another verse :
Surah 9:6. If one amongst the Pagans ask thee for asylum, grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of GOD and then escort him to a place of safety. That is because they are men without knowledge.
According to the Quran even if a pagan asks the Prophet for asylum, the Prophet must grant him asylum. After that the pagan must be escorted to a place of safety. The Arabic is very clear : ‘tsumma ablighu ma manahu’ which means ‘then convey him to a place of safety’. But according to the fake Treaty of Hudhaybiyah not just pagans but even the Muslims must be returned back to the disbelievers - where they will probably suffer worse punishment.
The following verses in the Quran were also taught to us by the Prophet of Islam:
Surah 61.2 “O you who believe! why do you say that which you do not do?

We must not say one thing and then end up doing something else – especially things that are exactly opposite of what we say. The Prophet of Islam cannot be saying one thing from the Quran about granting asylum and safety to believers and pagans and then put into practice the exact opposite of what he has been preaching by sending them back to the disbelievers.
Surah 61:3 “It is most hateful to GOD that you should say that which you do not do”.
If the Prophet engaged in double talk it would be very hateful to GOD. Hence we can see that this so called Treaty of Hudhaybiyah is a simple fake. To those readers who are Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah, please forward this point to your ulema. Ask them to explain. See them squirm. Why would they squirm ? Because ‘It is NOT stated in the Quran’.

CHAPTER 22 The Fake Kalimah Shahada of Abu Hurairah and the Ahlul Sunnah

We have seen how Islam has been changed from the perfection that is still found within the pages of the Quran to become basically an Arab paganism of the medieval desert which is actually a plagiarism from the Christian Bible. In this part of the book we will discuss an example of the religion of Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah and the Shiah which are again in contradiction to the teachings of the Quran.

The Fake Shahadah
To profess their faith in their religion, the Sunnis and Shiahs make this declaration: "I bear witness that there is no god except GOD and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of GOD. " (Arabic transliteration: "Ash hadu anlaa ilaaha illallaahu wa ash hadu anna muhammadar-rasulallah"). The Shiahs may add the words ‘wa Ali Waliullah’ meaning ‘and Ali is the vicegerent of GOD’.
This testimony is called the Shahadah and according to Sunni belief it must be recited by every Sunni as an attestation of their allegiance to their religion. Consequently any person who does not 'bear witness' is not accepted as a Sunni by them.
However this testimony is not sanctioned by the true teachings of the Prophet, which are found in the Quran, the veritable word of GOD.
The Sunnis may feel astounded at this statement especially as the Shahadah is considered to be the foundation of Sunni faith. This is why it is important to take a careful and critical look before reaching any impulsive conclusions.
For the Sunni, the purpose of the Shahadah is many fold. For example without reciting the Shahadah, the Sunnis consider their ritual prayer (to GOD) as nullified. Also before a newcomer is accepted into the Sunni religion, a public declaration by reciting the Shahadah in front of witnesses must be made. In some countries converts are given a "certificate" after reciting the Shahadah to confirm they have been "admitted" into the Sunni fold. However, it is not known if such "certificates" are also a complimentary pass into heaven!
To associate anything or anyone with GOD is known as 'shirk', the highest degree of blasphemy, which GOD does not forgive. This is made clear in chapter 4 verse 48.
[Surah 4:48] Surely GOD does not forgive that anything should be associated with Him, and forgives what is besides that to whomsoever He pleases; and whoever associates anything with GOD, he devises indeed a great sin.
The Quran also stipulates that Muslims must profess faith in the One GOD and not call on anyone else other than GOD.
The Quran is quite clear on this :
[Surah 39:45] And when GOD alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter shrink with aversion, and when those besides Him are mentioned, lo! they are joyful.
This verse describes the Sunnis most exactly. When you tell the Sunnis ‘Please mention GOD’s name alone’ they will get uncontrollably angry. Angry enough to want to kill you. This is because they do not believe in GOD. But when you tell the Sunnis ‘Alright lets also mention the name Muhammad’ they will immediately become joyful.
The Shahadah, therefore, cannot be the correct way to affirm faith because besides GOD, the name Muhammad is included in this attestation and also mentioned in the Sunni ritual prayer. The Sunnis retort that they worship GOD and are not worshipping Muhammad but they are merely paying Muhammad due respect by mentioning his name in their ritual prayers and their Shahadah. But at the same time they also say that if the name Muhammad is not mentioned their ritual worship of GOD is nullified plus also their Shadahah attestation of faith is also nullified. It is obvious that the key to their faith is mentioning the name Muhammad. Without mentioning this name Muhammad, everything else fails for them. This is shirk or associating partners with GOD.
People blindly following their ulema without thinking or challenge are the root of wrong beliefs. This acceptance of the Shahadah is no different. If only people read and understand the Quran then they would realize that GOD revealed the following verse to the Messenger which is just as applicable to us today as it was to him: "
[Surah 17:36] You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.
GOD wants us to substantiate our beliefs and we should follow His advice.
Abu Hurairah
The Shahadah testimony that is recited by the Sunnis originates from a fictional character by the name of Abu Hurairah and is recorded in the fake 'hadith'. The hadith given below is from "Mishkat-ul-Masabih", translation by Maulana Fazlul Karim, Volume 1, Chapter 1, no.27. (Published by the Book House, Lahore, Pakistan). As there are many versions of this hadith, the collections of Tirmidzi should also be read.
The fake hadith regarding the Shahadah says: One day Abu Hurairah went to the people and told them that the Messenger had authorized him to go and tell them to recite the Shahadah "ash hadu anlaa ilaha illallhu wa ash hadu anna muhammadar-rasulullah". Another version reads " muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu". The first person Abu Hurairah came across to give the Shahadah was Saidina Omar (later the second caliph). When Omar heard it he promptly punched Abu Hurairah in the chest and knocked him to the ground. Then Omar put his foot on Abu Hurairah's neck and asked him how dare he utter such a blasphemy.
Abu Hurairah (who is recorded in the hadith as having received quite a few beatings from Omar during his lifetime) then cried out and named the Messenger as his authority. When again challenged by Saidina Omar, Abu Hurairah pulled out a pair of leather slippers and showed them to Omar. The slippers, he said, were given to him by the Prophet, as proof of what he was saying. Recognizing the prophet's slippers, Omar simmered down. Everyone then happily started reciting the shahadah.
This most incredible story is the background to the Shahadah of Abu Hurairah, which has been adopted by millions of Sunnis. Quite understandably after the falsehood of the Sunni Shadahah was exposed many years ago, some Sunni ulema immediately started casting doubt on this fake hadith from Abu Hurairah. Some of them said that the authenticity of this fake hadith was in question. This is so typical of the ulema. When it does not suit them they say their own fake hadith is not reliable. When the occasion serves them well, the fake hadith is accepted. This is the Ulema Shuffle.
In the Quran GOD says, "The believers are kind to each other and stern with the disbelievers..." Sura 5:54. The 'fake hadith' books too are full of incredible stories of how great friends the companions of the prophet (known as 'Sahaba') were and the love and kindness they showed towards each other.
Fourteen centuries down the road today the Tabligh people (sunni missionaries) always greet each other with hugs and kisses, supposedly to emulate the brotherly Sahaba. But in this particular 'fake hadith', we have one Sahaba knocking another down to the ground for bringing along something as important as the Shahadah!
In another fake account of this same episode, Omar is reported as challenging the Messenger if he did indeed send Abu Hurairah with his slippers to recite the Shahadah. When the Messenger said yes, Omar disagreed with him and said the Shahadah will make people "lazy"! Whatever the logic of this fake hadith can be left for the advocates of the fake hadith to explain. Yet again the narrator of this fabrication is Abu Hurairah.
About the believers and the companions of the prophet, the Quran says;
[Surah 24:51] The only utterance of the believers, whenever invited to GOD and His messenger to judge in their affairs, is to say, "We hear and we obey." These are the winners.
Abu Hurairah's ridiculous fable not only contradicts the above verse but also contradicts Sura 6:51 where GOD tells the Messenger, the companions and whomever the Quran reaches:
[Surah 6:51] And preach with this (Quran) to those who reverence the summoning before their Lord - they have none beside Him as a Lord and Master, nor an intercessor - that they may attain salvation.
Instead Abu Hurairah said that the Prophet handed over his pair of slippers to him and told him to preach with the slippers in hand as proof of authenticity. By his confession Abu Hurairah was beaten by Omar, who argued with the Prophet and said that the Shahadah was unwise. Does the “basis of faith” rest on such an absurd tale?
No one seems to know the correct identity of this Abu Hurairah. Even today scholars cannot agree on his real name. Despite there being a fake hadith (also attributed to Abu Hurairah) that we should not call people by nicknames, Abu Hurairah is itself a nickname which means "the Father of Cats". So the originator of the Sunni Shahadah was an unknown man who was attacked unceremoniously by another companion of the Messenger! It is now apparent that there is significant evidence to show that the Shahadah testimony of the Sunni people has a very dubious background based on ludicrous hadith falsely attributed to the Prophet whom they claim to love!
How then does Abu Hurairah's Shahadah contradict the Prophet's true teachings? The Quran was revealed by GOD to the Prophet who then passed on this message, first to the companions and then to the rest of the people. Besides being GOD’s own revelation, the Quran represents what was actually said by the Prophet. Anyone who rejects this simple fact cannot at all claim to be a Muslim.
So what did GOD commanded the Messenger to tell us?
[Surah 72:18] The places of worship belong to GOD; do not call on anyone else beside GOD.
However, in the Shahadah of Abu Hurairah, the Sunnis call on the Messenger as well as GOD. The Sunni scholars will argue that the mention of the Messenger's name is only out of respect. But then in the same breath, they will insist that their five times a day ritual prayer to GOD Almighty is nullified if the name Muhammad is not mentioned in the Shahadah during the ritual prayers. This is tantamount to idolatry as associating another person with GOD is committing 'shirk' - the unforgivable offence.
GOD Alone
The human has a major weakness. He finds it difficult to believe in an unseen GOD. Even the Prophet Moses had this problem.
"When Moses came to our audience, and His Lord spoke to him, he said, "My Lord let me look and see you". He said, "You cannot see Me..." (Surah 7:143).
The human looks for something tangible, hence the Christians first elevated Jesus to a Son of GOD and then to the status of GOD Himself. The Hindus worship humans like Rama and Krishna who they say are gods. The Sunnis have similarly idolized Muhammad and have given him a divine status by adding his name to the Shahadah testament. Most appropriately the Sunnis should be called "Mohammedans".
To remind them of this folly will only raise their anger. Perhaps they do not know that it is the Prophet himself who taught the following:
"When GOD alone is advocated, the hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter shrink with aversion. But when OTHERS are mentioned besides Him, they rejoice" Sura 39:45.
Note how angry the Mohammedan become when you mention GOD alone. Their anger subsides only when you agree to add "Muhammad" as the second half of Abu Hurairah's Shahada - “And I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of GOD" (Arabic transliteration: wa ash hadu anna muhammadar rasulullah).
It may come as a great surprise to the Sunnis and Shiahs too but this Shahadah is actually the Shahadah of the Munafiks. GOD has revealed to the Messenger that this is actually the Shahadah of the hypocrites (Arabic: Munafiq).
"Among the Arabs around you there are hypocrites, and among the city dwellers as well. They persist in hypocrisy and while you (Muhammad) may not know them, me know them. We will double the punishment for them, then they will be returned for a terrible retribution" (Sura 9:101).
Here GOD is telling the Messenger that hypocrites surround him and that he does not know who they are. Only GOD knows the hypocrites. But GOD promises
"... He will most certainly expose the hypocrites" Sura 29:11.
The hypocrites around the Prophet are worried about this too:
[Surah 9:64] The hypocrites worry that a sura may be revealed exposing what is inside their hearts. Say, "Go ahead and mock. GOD will expose exactly what you are afraid of."
Hypocrites Exposed
GOD also says that the hypocrites can be recognized by way they engage in vain talk.
“If we will we can expose them for you, so that you can recognize them just by looking at them. However you can recognize them from what they say. GOD is fully aware of all your works" (Surah 47:30).
Hence GOD promises to expose the hypocrites. One such method is recorded in the Quran in Sura 63:1.
"When the hypocrites come to you and say: "WE BEAR WITNESS THAT YOU ARE THE MESSENGER OF GOD. GOD indeed knows that you are His Messenger. GOD bears witness that the hypocrites are liars" (Surah 63:1).
The Arabic is quite unmistakable. The munafiks or hypocrites come and say ‘nash hadu innaka rasuulillah’. The important thing to note in this verse is that the emphasized words form the second part of Abu Hurairah's Shahadah, which is now recited by all the Mohammedan Sunnis and Shiahs. This as we see from the verse 63.1 is actually the Shahadah of the hypocrites!
What the hypocrites say is vain talk because GOD indeed knows that the Prophet is already His Messenger
‘..GOD indeed knows that you are His Messenger..’ (Surah 63:1).
GOD does not need any one to affirm back to Him what He already knows about His own Messenger.
The Quran says; "We have sent you as a Messenger and GOD SUFFICES AS A WITNESS..." Sura 4:79.
This is exactly what the Messenger told the believers. There is no need to bear witness on him because GOD has already done so and that is enough. For those who are hard of hearing or dim witted GOD repeats this important message again :
"GOD bears witness concerning what He has revealed to you. He has revealed it with His knowledge. And the angels bear witness as well, BUT GOD IS ENOUGH AS A WITNESS" Sura 4:166.
Again this is what the Messenger told the companions. GOD is enough as a witness. GOD even discourages attempts at witnessing other Messengers:
"You were not on the slope of the western Mount when we gave Moses the commandments. YOU WERE NOT A WITNESS" Sura 28:44.
So people cannot "witness" the messengership of the Messengers. We were NOT witnesses.
To reiterate, GOD says He will certainly expose the hypocrites (sura 29:11). GOD then says the Messenger can recognize the hypocrites from the things they say (sura 47:30). So when the hypocrites come and insist that they want to bear witness on the Messenger (sura 63;1), they expose themselves as hypocrites.
And the fictional character Abu Hurairah (after 1400 years no one among the Ahlul Sunnah ulema knows his real name) has fooled millions of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah into reciting the same hypocrisy everyday of their lives.
The Quran says: [3:18] GOD bears witness that there is no god except He, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge. Truthfully and equitably, He is the absolute god; there is no god but He, the Almighty, Most Wise.
GOD is enough as a Witness
Again GOD says that His own witness is enough:
"Say, Whose testimony is the greatest'' Say, "GOD’s (testimony is the greatest). HE IS THE WITNESS BETWEEN ME AND YOU that this Quran has been inspired to me, to preach it to you and whomever it reaches.." Sura 6:19.
And because "... GOD suffices as a witness..." Sura 4:79 and 4:166 the Shahadah as proclaimed by Abu Hurairah is therefore a lie – a fabrication by whoever wrote the 'hadith'.
Despite the evidence of the Quran, which even the Ahlul Sunnah will not deny is the truest teaching of the Messenger, the hypocrites insist on bearing witness to Muhammad. They insist on bearing witness when GOD says He needs no other witness apart from Himself.
Most importantly, the Shahadah of Abu Hurairah, by its purpose, goes against Sura 72:18 and Sura 39:45 in that it associates the name Muhammad with GOD. Without bearing witness on Muhammad, the Sunnis say that their ritual prayer and faith are void. Even though by evidence from the Quran this is shown to be idol-worship, "shirk" of the highest order. Each time recite the Sunni Shahadah they are committing idol-worship, "shirk", the unpardonable blasphemy for which they may burn in hell.
The True Shahada
There is no god except He
What then is the real attestation, which Muslims can recite to affirm their faith? Perhaps when the companions asked the Messenger this question, he would have replied: "The word of your Lord is complete, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words. He is the hearer, the knower". Sura 6:114
Therefore the answer is definitely in the Quran. GOD gave it to us complete, clear and simple in Surah 3:18, " GOD bears witness that there is no god except He, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge. Truthfully and equitably, He is the absolute god; there is no god but He, the Almighty, Most Wise. "
Adding Muhammad's name to this Shahada of GOD, of the angels and of those who possess knowledge is a gross sign of the hypocrites.
Surah 63:1 "When the hypocrites come to you they say, "We bear witness that you are the messenger of GOD."* GOD knows that you are His messenger, and GOD bears witness that the hypocrites are liars."
The Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah have been fooled by their ulema to follow the munafiks. They themselves become hypocrites.


Throughout this book my point has also been that the ulema of Ahlul Sunnah and Shiah reject the Quran. They are kuffar or disbelievers of the Quran. They do not even know how to open the Quran and refer to its verses. Even when they refer to the Quran, they reject the verses. For example the ulema cannot explain why despite the word HIJAAB being mentioned SO MANY times in the Quran (seven times) they do not have the courage to refer to even one of those verses in the Quran that mention the word HIJAAB to defend their false theories of HIJAAB as headcovering ? Is this not strange ? They reject all the verses in the Quran that talk about HIJAAB. The ulema actually turn coward and run away when you ask them to refer to even one verse in the Quran that has the word HIJAAB.

The ulema repeat the basic mistake of all the Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah, Shiah, Ahmadiyah, Wahhabis etc in that they simply cannot quote a verse from the Quran properly OR accurately.

This is typical mindboggling Ulema Shuffle. They want to defend what they have defined as HIJAAB. But they reject all the verses in the Quran that mention HIJAAB. Instead they pick another totally unrelated word called ‘khimar’ and say ‘khimar’ is now HIJAAB or headcovering. This is the Ulema Shuffle.

Let us address the ulema’s confusion about KHUMUR. The word ‘KHUMUR’ is mentioned in Surah 24:31 and the ulema say it means ‘head covering’. The word in Surah 24:31 is actually KHUMUUR and NOT KHIMAAR. Plural and NOT singular.

First let us see what the Prophet has taught us in Surah 24:31 in full :

Waqul lilmuminati yaghdudna min absarihinna wayahfathna furoojahunna wala yubdeena zeenatahunna illa ma thahara minha walyadribna bikhumurihinna AAala juyoobihinna wala yubdeena zeenatahunna illa libuAAoolatihinna aw abaihinna aw abai buAAoolatihinna aw abnaihinna aw abnai buAAoolatihinna aw ikhwanihinna aw banee ikhwanihinna aw banee akhawatihinna aw nisaihinna aw ma malakat aymanuhunna awi alttabiAAeena ghayri olee alirbati mina alrrijali awi alttifli allatheena lam yathharoo AAala AAawrati alnnisai wala yadribna biarjulihinna liyuAAlama ma yukhfeena min zeenatihinna watooboo ila Allahi jameeAAan ayyuha almuminoona laAAallakum tuflihoona
Surah 24:31 “And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their chastity; that they should not display their beauty except what appears from her; that they should strike with their covers upon their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or those whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of women’s nakedness (AWRAATI AL NISSAA); and that they should not strike with their feet in order to draw attention to what is hidden from their beauty (YUKHFEENA MIN ZEENATIHINNA) . And O ye Believers! turn ye all together towards GOD, that ye may attain Bliss”.
Here is the Arabic transliteration: walyadribna bikhumurihinna AAala juyoobihinna which means ‘strike with their covers upon their bosoms’.

The ulema say women must first wear the KHUMUR over their heads and after that pull the KHUMUR over their bosoms. Firstly the word ‘Yadribna’ means ‘to strike over’ and not ‘WEAR’. Proof ? The same word ‘yadribna’ occurs a second time in the same verse 24:31 above.

Here is the second occurrence of the word ‘yadribna’ : : “yadribna biarjulihinna” which means ‘strike with their feet’ (to attract attention). The ulema cannot explain why ‘yadribna’ is taken to mean ‘strike’ with reference to feet but becomes ‘wear’ with reference to covers ?

The verse simply says the women must cover their bosoms with their garments. There is no mention of head in this verse at all. KHUMUR does not mean head covering at all. KHUMUR simple means something that covers. In this context it is the clothes that must be pulled over the bosom.

Now let us address the ulema’s confusion over HIJAAB. The whole issue of women covering the head is labeled ‘HIJAAB’ by the ulema. Here is a simple question : Why is it that the ulema are totally unable to quote even one verse from the Quran that mentions the word HIJAAB ? If the issue at hand is really HIJAAB surely there must be at least one verse in the Quran touching on the matter ? Why is it that the ulema cannot even quote one verse from the Quran to substantiate their HIJAAB ?

Answer : The ulema do not know how to turn the pages of the Quran to search for the word HIJAAB.

Well allow me to help them in this regard. Let us see the word HIJAAB as it is taught by the Prophet in the Quran.

Hijaab means a barrier, a curtain or a divider. It appears in the following verses

Surah 7:46 between the dwellers of heall and heaven is a HIJAAB (barrier).

Surah 17:45 between believers and disbelievers is a HIJAAB (barrier)

Surah 19:17 Mary took a HIJAAB (barrier) and stayed apart from her folk

Surah 33:53 men must speak to the Prophet’s wives from behind a HIJAAB (barrier)

Surah 38:32 Solomon was preoccupied with the good things until they became hidden behind a HIJAAB (barrier)

Surah 41:5 disbelievers say to Prophet “between us and you is a HIJAAB (barrier)”

Surah 42:51 GOD does not speak to any human except from behind a HIJAAB (barrier).

Despite HIJAAB being stated clearly seven times in the Quran not once does it refer to the head cover which the ulema want the women to wear on their heads.

There is only one verse in the whole Quran where the Prophet taught us that HIJAAB refers to modesty between men and women. And here is that verse in full:
Surah 33:53 Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo la tadkhuloo buyoota alnnabiyyi illa an yuthana lakum ila taAAamin ghayra nathireena inahu walakin itha duAAeetum faodkhuloo faitha taAAimtum faintashiroo wala mustaniseena lihadeethin inna thalikum kana yuthee alnnabiyya fayastahyee minkum waAllahu la yastahyee mina alhaqqi waitha saaltumoohunna mataAAan faisaloohunna min warai hijabin thalikum atharu liquloobikum waquloobihinna wama kana lakum an tuthoo rasoola Allahi wala an tankihoo azwajahu min baAAdihi abadan inna thalikum kana AAinda Allahi AAatheeman
Surah 33:53 “O ye who believe! Enter not the Prophet's houses,- until leave is given you,- for a meal, not to wait for its preparation: but when ye are invited, enter; and when ye have taken your meal, disperse, without seeking familiar talk. Such (behaviour) annoys the Prophet: he is ashamed to dismiss you, but GOD is not ashamed (to tell you) the truth. And when ye ask his ladies anything, ask them from behind a HIJAAB: that makes for greater purity for your hearts and for theirs. Nor is it right for you that ye should annoy GOD's Messenger, or that ye should marry his widows after him at any time. Truly such a thing is in GOD's sight an enormity”.
The ulema must pay close attention to this verse :

waitha saaltumoohunna mataAAan faisaloohunna min warai hijabin thalikum atharu liquloobikum waquloobihinna : And when ye ask his ladies anything, ask them from behind a HIJAAB: that makes for greater purity for your hearts and for theirs.

It appears that the only verse in the whole Quran which prescribes HIJAAB as a token of modesty (Proof : that makes for greater purity for your hearts and for theirs) between men and women is prescribed for MEN. IN THIS VERSE IT IS THE MEN WHO MUST SPEAK TO THE WOMEN (WIVES OF PROPHET) FROM BEHIND A HIJAAB !!

Borrowing from the ulema’s twisted logic, this means that the men must wear a headcovering when they talk to the Prophet’s ladies !

There is absolutely no mention of head cover for women or men in any verse in the Quran.


Now we will solve the mystery of where the ulema plagiarized the idea of the head cover for women. Here it is :

Bible, 1st Corinthians 11

5And every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head--it is just as though her head were shaved. 6If a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off; and if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off, she should cover her head. 7

13Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to GOD with her head uncovered?

The idea that a woman shall cover her head especially when she is ‘praying’ is stolen from the Christian Bible. That is why until today the best head cover is worn by the Catholic nuns. Remember the late Mother Theresa and her Christian nuns ? Where did Mother Theresa learn to wear the head cover ? Obviously not from the ulema. She learnt it from her Bible. And as we all know the Bible came long before the ulema.

The ulema have plagiarized material from the Bible and tried to pass it off as ‘hadith Bukhari’ and other such fake stories.


What is the real hijaab ? Here it is :

Surah 17 : 45 And when you recite the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter a hidden HIJAAB.

So there will always be a HIJAAB or barrier between those who believe in the Quran and those who reject it. People who believe in the Quran will believe that the Quran is complete and fully detailed.

People who reject the Quran will say ‘You cannot know the message of the Quran without the fake hadeeth of Bukhari, the ulema etc”.

In brief there is a HIJAAB or barrier until the Last Day between the Muslims who believe in GOD, the Prophet and the Quran and those who do not believe in GOD, the Prophet and the Quran like the Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah, Shiah, Qadiani, Wahhabi, Ahmadiyah, Druze, Christians, Jews, Hindus and others who believe instead in the fake hadith bukhari, khabar stories, bible, jewish books, etc.

Only those who believe in GOD, the Prophet and the Quran will be successful. Those who believe in fake hadith of Ahlul Sunnah, Shiah, Wahhabi, Qadiani, Hindus, Christians and Jews will be the ultimate losers.


In many countries women as well as men need to cover their heads. The Arctic Eskimos, the bone dry desert Arab men and women and also the men and women who live in the prairies and the cold climates or dry windy climates. Other men and women who live in the tropics or the rainforest may suffer hair problems, skin problems and maybe even headaches and discomfort if they cover their heads in the hot humid weather. GOD has given every human being enough sense to know what he or she should wear.

But it is a great sin and a major shirk (polytheism or mushrik) if anyone insists that women wearing a head cover is a commandment from GOD or the Prophet. People who believe that covering their head is a commandment from GOD and the Prophet are committing a great blasphemy. They only follow the Christian Bible.

Not only will they suffer unnecessary discomfort, headaches, skin problems and hair problems in this life but they may end up suffering punishment from GOD for upholding a polytheistic (mushrik) belief. They become mushriks. A terrible fate.


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Thanks to rose ghani who sent the article to us.

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