Sharia is More Than Stoning, Imam!

In his recent speech in Scotland once again Imam Rauf relieved Americans by claiming that no Muslim wants stoning or amputation here. They are indeed observing those laws in “Islamic” countries – they won’t bring those here only because they can’t. But they already brought FGM, “Islamic” Finance, “disciplining” wives etc!

Sharia law is more than stoning and amputation. Its cold violence of unjust laws is more devastating than its hot violence of stoning or amputation. Sharia law destroys family peace by engaging brothers against sisters on the pretext of half-inheritance. It does the same by engaging husbands against wives by his absolute control on her person and sexuality. That is why there is no rape of wife in Sharia law. Sharia law does not realize Islam’s socio-cultural context and dynamism towards future; so it allows child-marriage without caring for what their robust husbands do on the unfortunate little brides. Sharia law is a threat to world-peace because it lives on hating others. By dehumanizing others it blocks us from sharing this planet joyfully with others. It gives us a false sense of superiority and provokes us to govern the world whereas in last thousand years our countries invented almost nothing. Sharia-supporters won’t live a day without the gifts of the West. Still, they come here to enjoy the freedom and system and destroy the same freedom and system.

We must realize that even if a husband “disciplines” his wife or not, whether he marries other women or not, his right to do so is insult to her. These laws were created based on some fake Hadises and by violating, abusing or eternalizing some contextual Quranic verses. Changing the meaning of the Quranic word “Sharia/Shara’a” from moral guidance to State law was a major conspiracy against Islam. We Muslims paid heavily for this crime.

Sharia is more than stoning and amputation; it is also an attitude. This Trojan Horse of the West is not a benign legal system; it is a malignant provocation to establish global Mullacracy. It gives the informal ownership of Islam to a certain group of people who uses sweet talks to hide violence in the name of Islam.

The reason of much of our sorry state today is a matter of commonsense that the Prophet warned us about – “What I fear most respecting my people are their misleading Imams” - Sahi Ibn Majah Vol 5 Hadis 3952.


 02 September 2011.