MFT - Condemns Motiur Rahman Nizami



PRESS RELEASE.............FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.........................MAY 16, 2016

 Mr. Motiur Rahman Nizami, Chief of Jamaat e Islaami, Bangladesh which is the largest Islamist Political Party, was tried and convicted by the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and the sentence was carried out on 11 May 2016.

Mr. Nizami aided and abetted the genocide carried out by the Pakistan Army in 1971 perpetuating rape and death on an enormous scale.

We, at Muslims Facing Tomorrow condemn Turkey and Pakistan for protesting against the Justice that was carried out after being proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the Courts.

Turkey has to look at its own human rights record under President Erdogan, as to date it has the highest number of journalists imprisoned. Turkey also has an abysmal record of genocide against the Armenians.

Pakistan is a partner in crime with the Jamaat e Islaami and has the highest number of extra judicial killings by kangaroo courts set up by the Pakistan Army and is still carrying out crimes against humanity in the Province of Baluchistan.

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